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The Mister Bio winery was founded in January 2021 with the intention of enhancing and marketing the newly launched Mister Bio brand, the ultimate expression of the product-wine created by Weldan – Vinaioli in Friuli of Bagnarol Elia and sons. The Weldan winery, which was founded in the mid-1990s, a few years ago has taken the opportunity to convert to organic farming the entire area of the company’s vineyard, which has about 240 hectares distributed throughout the provinces of Udine and Pordenone. The desire to make the company more sustainable and environmentally conscious has been combined with the awareness that it could create a much healthier and greener finished product. On this basis, the Mister Bio project was started and developed: the future in which sustainability passes through technology. Mister Bio is the thinking head, the holder of the knowledge derived from two hundred years of experience (such is the history of the Bagnarol family; but he is also the one who acts, operates the machines and controls the work, putting technological modernity to good use. With Mister Bio comes a new way of consuming and

reading organic products, in which nature is in favor of technology, which is the logical evolution of time. Mister Bio products Mister Bio is a new way of consuming and perceiving natural products; it is the cutting-edge bottle that contains good wine, which is also the result of technological expertise. For Mister Bio, there is only one way to farm: organic. This concept of organic is innovative and determined, through the use of technology it develops an idea of viticulture where machines are in favor of nature and sustainability. Out of the box, a healthy, quality, free and natural product with a contemporary language is guaranteed. Mister Bio’s wines have a simple elegance and a gustatory cleanliness that perfectly embody the Friulian territory: understandable to all palates, they are democratically genuine in flavor and content, simply refined in appearance. Mister Bio has decided to develop its range of still and sparkling wines, with a special focus on Ribolla Gialla. This indigenous grape variety can be enjoyed at its best in three different versions: Ribolla Gialla Sparkling Wine, Ribolla Gialla fizzy wine rifermened in the bottle and Ribolla Gialla still wine.

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