INDEVA® state-of-the-art materials handling technology for more Ergonomics, Safety and Productivity

fall of the gripping tool; •In case an end effector not designed by INDEVA® is used and load is lost, the auto balancing function prevents the manipulator from shooting upwards; •Diagnostic: wide diagnostic functions and alarms available from display. VERY LIGHT TO MOVE | Both Column and Rail mounted INDEVAs are light to move, allowing very precise and quick load positioning (no over travelling, bouncing and need of lots of little corrective movements, that, added to cycle time, reduce productivity). AUTOMATIC WEIGHT DETECTION AND BALANCING | INDEVA® technology allows to handle different loads without need of adjusting with selectors, in case different parts have to be handled. BESPOKE LOAD GRIPPERS | Scaglia Indeva boasts the greatest expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke end effectors and is appreciated worldwide for being able to provide tailor made load grippers for a great variety of different loads and work cycles. INDUSTRY 4.0 | An INDEVA® can exchange data with the Customer IT System through the Company Network and allows visualisation of manipulator activity by means of interface software. REMOTE TROUBLE SHOOTING | An INDEVA® can be connected via Wi-Fi to App-Indeva, so that machine data can be transferred to a remote tablet or smartphone in real time. This can assist fault diagnosis, so significantly reducing call-out charges and operator downtime. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY | Reduced carbon footprint due to low energy consumption.

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