Walter Tosto, the Italian Excellence in manufacturing Critical Process Equipment

Based in Abruzzo (Italy), Walter Tosto SpA was founded in 1960 by Mr. Walter Tosto. The company’s first activity was related on tanks manufacturing for local businesses. In the 70’s the business evolved first into the fabrication of pressure vessels for LPG and fuel and subsequently into the manufacturing of long lead critical items for the international Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power generation markets (1994). With over 600 employees and a consolidated turnover of 110 million euro, the company is currently managed by Walter Tosto’s son Luca. Walter Tosto SpA owns six workshops in Chieti (Italy), a seafront workshop in Ortona (Italy), directly connected to the main international ports and routes, a subsidiary facility Walter Tosto WTB based in Bucharest and an additional plant in Oltenița, Romania with direct access on the Danube River. The solid experience in the design and fabrication of critical components for the process industry and a conscious management philosophy based on quality, continuous improvement, transparency and flexibility, make Walter Tosto a leading manufacturer of top quality high pressure equipment and vessels recognized worldwide.

In particular Walter Tosto manufactures critical and long lead process equipment such as Heavy Wall Hydrocracking reactors, Hydrotreating reactors, HP Separators, HP Heat Exchangers (Breech-lock), Large columns & Heavy drums, Tubular Reactors (EO reactors, Methanol reactors), Polymerisation reactors, Claus reactors, CTL/GTL Fischer Tropsch reactors, Oxychlorination reactors, EB/SM Styrene Reactors, Ammonia converters, Coke drums, Waste heat boilers and Condensers for Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Nuclear and Power Plants. Thanks to the long-standing expertise, unique manufacturing machinery, strategic waterfront manufacturing locations and practically limitless capabilities in terms of weight and materials of fabrication, Walter Tosto can proudly count extensive and successful records of accomplishment worldwide. Among these cases of success, we are proud to say that China is constantly one of the most important Country for Walter Tosto’s trade activities and our aim is to increase continuously our market share. For more information:

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