THE V-LABEL MARK The best choice for vegetarian vegan and raw vegan products!

Thousand of companies all over the world have already chosen the V-Label mark to identify products suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans. The V-Label mark’s unique characteristics make it the perfect partner for companies who want to take a step in the right direction for sustainability.

The V-Label mark is international and registered in over 70 countries around the world, allowing international distributors and producers to use a single, distinct vegetarian and vegan label.

Despite its widespread use, the V-Label brand continues to maintain the same criteria for product designation, and the uniform nature of this process allows for it to be implemented throughout the world without any variation.

The V-Label brand guidelines were established by major European Vegetarian and Vegan Associations. Checks are mandatory to obtain V-Label mark, which is synonymous with reliability and safety for the end customer: individual ingredients and manufacturing procedures are inspected in order to be able to stand behind the vegetarian or vegan designation. For this reason, self-declarations are not accepted.

Thanks to our global presence all over the world, we

always have expert personnel capable of handling all the technical aspects of product verification and facilitating the necessary procedures locally and internationally.

To make it easier for consumers purchasing the products, the V-Label brand comes in three different categories: vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan. This allows distributors and manufacturers to use the same brand to promote different qualities of the products being offered to the public.

What really makes the difference is what feature is chosen to promote: quality, sensitivity towards sustainability issues, safety, and transparency are among the most important.

That’s why today we are the first choice of thousands of customers: this is what the V-Label conveys every day.

V LABEL is a great value for wines

To choose a sustainable and vegan wine, your best options is the V-LABEL mark. In winemaking, in addition to verifying the raw materials used, the V-LABEL mark ensures that no substances of animal origin are used in the production process. In particular, the filtration stage and the clarification and stabilization are carefully checked to exclude the use of Animal-based fining agents such as gelatin, isinglass, egg white (albumen) or casein.

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