Idromar, a name a guarantee!

Founded in 1982 by Vittorio Battino, Idromar International with its almost 40 years of activity has managed to gain a stainless reputation both nationally and internationally. The strengths of this family-run company are certainly the choice of top quality materials from which derives the reliability of the product, the simplicity of use and maintenance, the construction of tailor-made systems depending on the available spaces and last but not least the assistance 365 days a year 24/24h. The range of systems varies according to the needs of the customer, starting from a production of 30 liters now with the supermini model up to an hourly production of 3500 liters single or duplex and often made according to the spaces available on board.
In addition to the range of dealinators Idromar also offers products such as softeners for dock water with both resins and membranes, UV sterilizers from 500 to 18000 liters per hour, carbon filters to remove odors and flavors from the water, sand filters, dolomite filters to remineralize the water produced by the watermaker which unfortunately has a low pH, silver ion systems, water purification systems to have pure water in the kitchen, in addition to this, it resells water dispensers

to have fresh ambient or carbonated water and natural water at room temperature of the leading Italian brand. Who buys a Idromar product is not only a customer but becomes part of our family!

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