LS Graniti, dynamic, professional and enterprising stone company

LS Graniti Srl is a dynamic, professional and enterprising stone company. We work any type of stone, creating unique processes both in the urban sector and civil sector. We create sophisticated and high quality products for our costumer. We make outdoor and indoor floors, furniture for kitchens and bathrooms, supplies for gardens and urban areas. Each of our customers istreated with the most professionalism and the most respect, just as every product is finished with care and precision. The enterprise has got a trained and qualified staff which speak English, French and German. We follow our customers from the creation of the desired product and follow them from the creation request to the transport of goods, remaining at disposition also for the pose. LS Graniti works with the ultimate new generation of stone cutter and cooperates with some of the most popular stone seller in Europe and one of the most famous businessmen of the world for more than 7 years. Our passion for stone was born a century ago. In fact, LS GRANITI SRL is born from the passion for stone processing born on 1929 and familiarly conducted until today across three generations. The founder was Rodolfo Sella, who became the first “scalpellino” of the family. He worked stones only by his hands and a few of stone utilities. He created some beautiful fountains, stone pavements and objects for urban and private areas.

His enterprises was small but excellence. Subsequently he transmitted his passion to his two sons, Giuseppe and Mario. They learned the art of the stones and started their enterprises in the stones quarries in Biella, where they mined blocks of Sienite stone, and in Mergozzo (VB), where they mined the famous Montorfano White Granit. At the same time they created their stone laboratory in Mergozzo, where they began to product the furnitures for the private and urban areas, like Curbs,pavements, fountains, granit cubes and slabs for pavements, tables, chairs. They have been running their activity for 50 years. During the last 10 years Mario has also taught to his children the stonework. Luca Sella started when he was only 15 years old, learning in quarries how to extracts blocks and learning in laboratory how to product the stone furniture for 12 years. After his father’s dead, he founded his enterprise in 2019, continuing to produce and supply stones furniture for private and public administrations. On 2022 LS Graniti has expanded its business, becoming the owner of a Serizzo quarry in Val Formazza (VB), which will be inaugurated and opened in 2023.The high quality of the Serizzo, and the high quantity of it, allow us to incrementate our production. We will sell our blocks in all the world. Every day, for us, is a good day to continue improving ourselves and become ever more precise and speedier in our productions. We thank all of our customers who have believed in our society and continue to believe in us, always giving a smile; that smile that only a satisfied customer can give us.

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