Operart suggestive design

In the heart of Turino, in Via della Rocca to be exact, known and renowned for its antiques and modern art, OPERART offers housing solutions for every need from consulting on products, to the design of customized spaces, all the way to the renovation of small and large
OPERART is the ideal place for those who want to give their home or office character, style, and originality. A space dedicated to the beauty of living, for those who love art and design. Furnishings and complements, accessories, coordinated fabrics and design objects, unique shapes that make the home an exclusive, personal and refined place. Continuous research favors a contemporary style with a clear minimalist inspiration, especially in the colours, fabrics and lines, reinterpreted according to personal taste, and a desire to experiment with new shapes. Inside the showroom, spread over two floors, are products from prestigious Italian as well as foreign companies mixed with pieces of contemporary design and their own production, modern and sophisticated furniture elements paired with unusual and extravagant complements, to give the home interiors more vitality

which will satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Fans of form and devotees of style, for the designers of OPERART making furniture is a passion that gives life to lines and details that are always unique: the construction of a warm and welcoming environment, trendy solutions, are interpreted with a careful eye and creative intelligence. With services ranging from the simple supply of the furniture complement to complete interior design, both in Italy and abroad. A visit to this space will lead all lovers of aesthetic research to complete their collection of irreplaceable suppliers of art and design.
Foto credit: Biagio Di Niquilo

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