The Italian design firm totally dedicated to interior decoration

A brand whose destiny is already revealed in its name: Or.nami, to decorate in Esperanto. An Italian design house which adorns living spaces with beauty, light and poetry.
An expression of the poetic visions and emotional universe of Gabriella Fusillo, its founder and artistic director, Or.nami delineates residential environments with its creations, modelling the spaces through its own expressive code. Its wallpaper and woodfloring collections are thus housed on the walls and along the surfaces: a threshold onto something new, a glance beyond the surfaces, offering unspoken visions of forms, colours and perspectives.

Or.nami’s wallpapers are contemporary decorative works. They are unique objects guided by the creativity of the colour, the exclusive lines and completely customisable patterns. Original design thinking, in which the decoration represents the brand’s personal vision applied to day-to- day living. For intimate narratives suspended amongst space, light and poetry. One hundred per cent Italian interior design products, from the design right through to the production, the brand’s wallpapers are available on 410 gram and 330 gram vinyl media, or on pure silk – high-quality, high-performance materials able to guarantee excellent results

both in terms of colour fidelity and ease of installation. The brand is also currently the only Italian digital wallpaper company which is a licensee of the Natural Color System®© (NCS), a logical colour ordering system based on the way we perceive colours, and the only one able to scientifically code the ten million tones which the human eye is able to distinguish between. Thanks to its partnership with the talented Studio Bengt Paris, Or.nami also brings embroidery to vinyl and silk
media, giving rise to masterful, artisan wallpapers which prove to be unique and unrepeatable commissions. The Italian design firm is thus adding a new range completely dedicated to parquet to its collections of wallpapers. This leads to the creation of unique objects, guided by the exclusive form of their lines and completely customisable patterns, where the living force of matter, the traces of time and memory, represent the expressive trait of a unique and vital material. For visionary decorative works able to transform our environments, our moods, and the way we live our daily lives. A collection of 100% Italian-made flooring, Or.nami’s parquet features the use of some of the most sought-after wood species – European oak and walnut, teak, bamboo and ipé – is designed for both indoor and outdoor areas, and can be used both for flooring and as a wall covering. Underlying the different ranges is a wide variety of manual processing: the distinctive characteristic of the brand which we also find in its wood creations, with the goal of offering an exclusive and highly customisable production. The brand also offers a high level of customisation in terms of treatments, processing and finishes for its wood products.

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