Santa Margherita : the essence of tradition

Santa Margherita is guided by a strong passion for the elegance of the surfaces’ design, lead by generation to generation. It’s the area of Valpolicella that hosts the company, a fascinating land stretching between Garda Lake and Verona, a city with a special and unique culture and tradition. Santa Margherita is an Italian company specialized in production, processing and marketing of marble and quartz. The surfaces are realized with durable, practical and reliable materials, because in Santa Margherita they carefully select the raw materials they will use to realize the quality of surfaces you need in your home. Santa Margherita’s quartz and marble surfaces have been developed for a wide range of applications: kitchens, bathrooms, bathtubs and showers and flooring for example. Suitable for everyday use, the Santa Margherita surface is scratch resistant, acid resistant, and easy to maintain. The new Santa Margherita collection bears the name of PALAZZO. PALAZZO is the perfect match between style, and elegance, and modernity. Santa Margherita has taken the tradition of the Italian architecture, especially the art of the Renaissance and projected it to the future. By taking inspiration from the beauty of the features of the Italian palaces’ surfaces, Santa Margherita realized a careful study of the shades and the combinations. This was made with the aim to give the proper reinterpretation of what is historical in the Italian

architecture. PALAZZO is a project specially designed to fit contemporary spaces and new architectures. Some examples that Santa Margherita took has reference for its new impressive collection:
-Venice. Palazzo Pisani in Santo Stefano; A darkbackground with earth tones that stand out on it to bold interiors with a strong character.
-Venice. Ca’ Foscari; Warm tones typical of the Ca’ Foscari palace that faces the Grand Canal, give a sense of modernity to surfaces of welcoming sets.
-Mantua. Palazzo Ducale; The brightness of the background lighted up the new Santa Margherita creation. A fresh contrast is created with the insertion of selected colors that stick out from a shiny setting. Every interior will benefit from this setting.
-Naples. Palazzo Reale; Shade – on – shade material. The elegance is in the simplicity of the spaces. Used alone or for different and creative combinations, this material is synonym of elegance, brightness and grace. If the idea is to give a touch of freshness and cleanliness to your interiors, shade – on – shade material is a very good choice.
-Verona. Case Mazzanti; Verona and its bright colors during the Renaissance has been the enlightenment for a material that can differentiate itself from the other interiors with jazzy nuances.
-Verona. Palazzo Maffei in Piazza delle Erbe; Fine grits and precious shades are a delicate combination for a pleasant interior.
-Rome. Palazzo Farnese; A gift from the 16th century Italian renaissance architecture. The selection of cold colors have the power to turn any place into a severe, elegant and precise location.
-Ferrara. Palazzo dei Diamanti; Neutral material depicted the Italian Renaissance in one of the most important buildings for this era in the city of Ferrara. The sense of equilibrium and tranquility that communicates this type of material is an excellent choice for interiors like studios.

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