Benedetti & Grigi, the purest expression of the winemaking tradition

Passion for wine and love for the territory are the fundamental ingredients that gave birth to Benedetti & Grigi, a winery located on the undulating hills of Montefalco, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. The skills and aspirations of the agronomist Umberto Benedetti and the businessman Daniele Grigi kicked off a project in 2014 that grew till today in about 70 hectares
of vineyard.

The care and dedication with which the grapes are treated and the attention to biodiversity are just some of the characteristics that give prestige to the wines they produce: a true point of reference for the Umbria’s territory.

The technological implementation has allowed them to have a production free of chemical herbicides, mechanically providing for the cleaning of the vineyard. Furthermore, Benedetti & Grigi winery has adhered to agri-environmental measures aimed at reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, intervening manually to ensure that the bunches have an ideal microclimate for ripening.
Winemakers “gently accompany the grapes on their way”

because Benedetti & Grigi knows better that “wine is all about the vine field: healthy plants and healthy grapes will inevitably result in an excellent product.”, and the success achieved over time is a confirmation.
Strengthened by the teaching received during the university course that taught them that in nature
not a single two square meters of land is the same as another, Benedetti & Grigi have chosen to divide the territory according to the characteristics of each land, distinguished by soil altitude and sun exposure, so that each blend could best express itself and give life to wines that were the example of this important rule.
Benedetti & Grigi winery have four estates, each one with a specific terroir to enhance:
• Castello di Limigiano
• Terre dell’Abate
• La Villa
• La Polzella
The careful production processes, respecting the main characteristics of the vine, are what make Benedetti & Grigi wines a real sensory experience, where you can find all the nuances that a territory can give.

Harvesting, fermentation, maceration and subsequent refinement are controlled and treated in detail in a well- defined process that starts from the loving hand of the winemakers supported by the necessary technologies and by the constant research of an internal laboratory that studies each process phase to conquer refined and quality final product.
The love for the territory and what it offers, transpires from every single drop that you will find in the glass, a unique and unmistakable pleasure that will fill your heart. With Benedetti & Grigi you will taste and appreciate native vines that have “stories” to tell and “secrets” to protect.

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