Farina®, the taste of local pizza

Farina was launched in 2012 by Paolo Severi. This restaurant is the epitome of his take on a contemporary pizzeria to be enjoyed with friends or family.
Most of the raw materials come from farms in the Marche region of Italy, as do the wines and beers from local producers.
It is located in the central area of Pesaro, only 50 metres from the beach and 500 metres from the historic centre. Farina has a spacious outdoor terrace a stone’s throw from the sea for use during the summer.

In 2019, the restaurant was completely renovated with a décor designed right down to the smallest detail. We have two ovens for cooking the types of pizzas available and are visible from the dining room: traditional wood-fired for Neapolitan pizza and electric for other types of Italian pizzas:
-Classic Pizza,
-6 slices Pizza,
-Crispy Pizza, which is our very own rendition of the pinsa romana, with single-portion dough and baked in an electric oven.

Farina moves away from the idea that pizza is all about the pizza chef in favour of a small team where each member has a well-defined role and becomes more specialised
each day.
Production is distributed between the workshop and the pizzeria.
In the laboratory, we devote ourselves with love and passion to managing the dough and caring for the sourdough starter, which is a real job in itself.
Every morning we also rely on the precious help of its collaborator, Antonio, a 32-year-old boy with Down syndrome, who has been on Farina’s staff for several years through a social inclusion programme. The pizzeria is run by a young, well-cohesive staff. Pizza chefs and cooks of different nationalities, who are curious and always ready to take on new challenges and bring
new ideas to our menu. The service in the dining room is informal and very attentive, and our young staff are constantly being trained. Our aim is to give the customer an evening that goes beyond the dinner itself, a true culinary experience. We would also like to add a footnote on Farcita, which
is the name of our Pizza Kit, created during lockdown in 2020 to give the possibility of eating a pizza at home, too, just like in a pizzeria.
It is a decomposed pizza, which comes with pre-cooked bases and trays of toppings for you to enjoy making it at home while cooking in an electric oven. All this in biodegradable and compostable packaging which can also be used to play a game of pizza chef’s with the family.

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