It’s Poke time ….in Palermo!!!

Poké Hawaiian Taste is Palermo’s first Poke Shop and its story is connected to a story of friendship.
Poké Hawaiian Taste was born in July 2019 from an idea of Ricardo Gioia, Lorenzo Licata, and Mirko Nigrelli, three young Palermitans un-der 35.
The idea comes from the desire to give a different interpretation to food in a “foodie” city like Palermo where fresh seafood is a real pas-sion and food is a highlight in every moment of the day along with the wonderful historical places. Poke is a typical Hawaiian dish, made with raw fish and its literal meaning is diced. Colorful, Instagram picture-perfect, and healthy, it is a fun, colorful, and healthy way to approach meals combining nutritional intake, and flavors, in ever-changing ways! Poke Hawaiian Taste has made it a real mission: to fuse exotic flavors with those of the Mediterranean cuisine, sourcing only the best ingre-dients, mixing the pleasure of a libidinous dish with a strong focus on nutrition.
How do you create a poke? A few simple, fun steps: start with a base, choose the proteins, add a topping, and complete it all with mouth-watering sauces. For those who prefer to rely on the team’s suggestions:

several bowl suggestions are included in a super rich menu including a special of the month with unique ingredients, available for 30 days only!
Today Poké Hawaiian Taste has three locations in the city open all day, and offers citywide delivery through Glovo or through Poké Ha-waiian Taste App to allow the many poké lovers to consume their bowls in the most beautiful places of Palermo: even on the beach! “Green” approach, attention to ingredients, and fair communication are other elements that make Poké Hawaiian Taste a unique place in town! Sustainable packaging – almost totally compostable, also involves customers arriving at the three locations in recycling. Even when choosing suppliers, preference is given to those who guarantee a green and sustainable approach.
Today the community around Poké Hawaiian Taste has thousands of poké lovers who consume the bowls daily or weekly.

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