Perlecò: Alassio ice cream, simply good

Perlecò is a word from the Ligurian dialect which means particularly appreciate a food for its goodness. The mission of the Perlecò ice cream parlor is this: to let its customers try the best ice cream. Unique, original and produced only with elements of excellence. The activity began in 2014; from day one only local seasonal products of the highest quality are used. The Perlecò ice cream parlor is a real artisan laboratory where inventions are continuously made; in fact, although the
recipes are inspired by tradition, they are reinvented in an imaginative way, to give the certainty of a taste never experienced before. For all tastes! At Perlecò you can find ice creams with classic flavors, made only with the best ingredients: fiordilatte, stracciatella, Pieve di Teco Yogurt, Perlecò Cream, Piedmont Hazelnut, Bronte Pistachio and many varieties of Chocolate. Care and attention are
also directed to those with particular allergies or food needs; Perlecò ice creams are all gluten free, and it is also possible to find some without milk or sugar. Among the original and unique ice cream flavors you will find from Consorzio lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori, hemp flower, salt and pepper dark chocolate, Savona chinotto, Bacio di Alassio. There are also flower ice creams: the best known is the begonia sorbet. Each sorbet contains about 30 begonia flowers from the Ravera organic farm in Albenga. A magnificent interlude between different

courses or at the end of a meal with its acidic flavor; a taste much appreciated by high quality restaurants. A splendid location Perlecò is located on the seashore, a few meters from the promenade. It can boast a beautiful outdoor area where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset or the Alassian nightlife. Perlecò is also the perfect place for breakfast or a snack: smoothie, or hot eggnog; pancakes, crepes, waffles to combine with creams, jams, cream, fresh fruit, the dessert of the day and hot drinks from the cafeteria. Non-stop passion Perlecò is always looking for new proposals, because the customer has priority in its thoughts. Among the latest specialties you will find Tantal’è: true gourmet desserts based on Imperia lavender cream, prescinsêua, caco di Vendone, candied chinotto di Savona and amaretto di Sassello. “U tumeo de Perlecò” is instead a very delicate spoon dessert, made with candied persimmon cream ice cream from the “U tumeo” farm in Vendone (province of Savona near Albenga) with thyme- scented crumble. “Acciugò” ice cream shop version of a dish from the city of Alassio, a bread ice cream with a butter and anchovy mousse. A special mention goes to the Vessalico black garlic ice cream from the Osvaldo Maffone farm in Pieve di Teco, an original delicacy, offered exclusively. Eclectic ice cream suitable both as a walking
cone and as an accompaniment to gourmet dishes. These are just some of the creations for a full immersion in Ligurian flavors and traditions. We must not forget the ice cream sundaes, which are never trivial. Among others:

  • “Like a strudel”: apple sautéed in red wine, cloves and cinnamon, caramelized dried fruit, Crema Perlecò ice cream
  • “Lemon mucitai”: lemon ice cream with bergamot rosolio with Seschuan pepper drowned in Moscato d’Alba
  • “Lecaeso” Hot raspberry soup with Port and Marsala zabaglione ice cream.
    All this and much more is the Perlecò ice cream shop. The ice cream maker Aldo De Michelis with Emanuela, Andrea, Anna and the rest of the team are ready to welcome you! In Promenade Dino Grollero 20.

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