Barco Menti: genuine and organic Farmhouse near Vicenza

Located just a few kilometers from Vicenza, nestled in the green landscape of the Berici Hills, the Family-run farmhouse Barco Menti is where Danilo’s agricultural business meets its customers through a simple and authentic dining experience. The Barco Menti Company was established at the end of 1897 thanks to Bernardo, the progenitor of the Menti family.

Together with his wife Speranza and their five children, he immediately devoted himself to cultivating the land and raising livestock, passing on his passion for agriculture to his descendants. Among them is Giovanni, Danilo’s father, who still runs the agricultural enterprise with care and dedication. Therefore, theirs is a story of a family connection with the land, which they have decided to share through a traditional homemade cuisine that is genuine, straightforward, and locally sourced.

Agriturismo Barco Menti offers excellent products cultivated and raised on the over twenty hectares of land surrounding the facility. Initially, the company focused on dairy cows, but today Danilo, along with his wife Graziella, specializes in Sorana cattle, known for their excellent meat. This high-quality, genuine, and delicately flavored raw material is the heart of this agriturismo’s offering. The Sorana is a young female veal that has never given birth, a characteristic that makes its meat particularly tender and flavorful.

The Sorana cattle are carefully selected, and just as much attention is given to minimizing intermediate steps, ensuring a highly traceable and 100% natural product. The cattle are fed with cornmeal, soy, barley, silage corn, and fodder directly grown on the same land. In addition to the Sorana meat (which is prepared in various ways such as grilled, in ribs or cuts, roasted, in bite-sized pieces, or as ossobuco) delicate vegetable side dishes from the gardens, various types of cured meats, and traditional desserts are also offered.

Particular attention is given to ancient grains that compose the first courses of homemade fresh pasta. Senatore Cappelli durum wheat is a precious ancient variety rich in nutrients, and experts attribute greater tolerance and digestibility to this flour compared to modern durum wheat. Barco Menti brings the scents and flavors of the region to the table, with a touch of innovation to enhance the place where the products were born. Treat yourself to an unforgettable day, a unique and authentic experience, even for events such as weddings, graduation parties, or birthdays.

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