Villa Rainò – A Serene Retreat in the Heart of Sicily

Welcome to the Madonie, the heart of Sicily, more specifically to Gangi, often called the most beautiful borgo in Italy. In this town, history and tradition come together in a land full of wonders. We invite you to explore this fascinating region and discover the charm of Villa Rainò, a place full of intrigue and stories that have shaped its identity over time. Villa Rainò has ancient roots as the residence of the Li Destri family. Legends tell of its mysterious past, with tales of brigands finding refuge in the estate’s underground tunnels.

Once, lavish celebrations were held to honor distinguished guests. The interweaving of these stories has given Villa Rainò a unique charm and authentic identity. Perfectly situated, Villa Rainò is a serene retreat that allows you to enjoy the silence and relaxation of the countryside without feeling isolated. Nestled in the breathtaking landscape, Villa Rainò overlooks the majestic Mount Marone; the surrounding countryside is a paradise.

During spring and summer, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery while relaxing by our pool. Villa Rainò’s restaurant, with the supervision of Ms. Nina, invites you to savor the best flavors of the region, using only the freshest seasonal produce. Come learn about the fascinating history of Villa Rainò in the Madonie Mountains, where every corner reveals a new story and echoes of the past blend harmoniously with the present.

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