Agricola Toscana: the flavor of tradition and…Florentine steak!

Agricola Toscana is a typical Tuscan and Italian cuisine restaurant that was born in September 2014; we are located in the very heart of Via del Corso, just a few meters away from the Duomo of Florence and within all the iconic places of Florentine culture and art, such as the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Lungarno embankments.

In March 2020, despite the difficulties due to the pandemic, we radically changed our culinary offerings: amidst colors, history and works of high artistic value, you can find unique flavors, the identity of this wonderful territory. Starting from local suppliers, and inspired by the flavors of our region, we choose with careful selection the raw materials to be proposed in homemade and traditional dishes of Tuscan catering, enhancing their quality and freshness.

Always under the name of tradition and of the continuous search for quality, Simone Angerame, the owner, aims with perseverance and determination to spread correct communication and information regarding the proper way to cook the Florentine steak.

For some time now, in fact, a debate has been back in vogue regarding the meaning of “alla fiorentina”: our business is in the forefront of spreading (especially through online communication) two fundamental points: the first concerns the designation: in fact, “alla fiorentina” does not mean that the meat used for the steak is “from Florence,”; instead it is a concept linked to both the cutting and the cooking of the meat.

The Florentine steak is therefore the house specialty: matured for 60 days and at least 4 centimeters thick (“sennò ll’è carpaccio,” they say in Florence) it comprises our philosophy, which aims to enhance the quality of the selected meats.

The second concept has to do with cooking: Agricola Toscana is making an effort to communicate that the meat should be strictly served “rare,” as tradition dictates. In Italian is called “al sangue”, though is not blood in the strict sense, but myoglobin, a protein which is present in the muscles of animals (including humans!).

Not only steak, but also many typical Tuscan dishes: from first courses such as pappardelle with wild boar ragout and peposo all’imprunetina, and then “great classics” such as “pappa al pomodoro,” cold cuts and cheese platter, Agricola Toscana’s pici, cut and beef tenderloin.

Overall then, at Agricola Toscana we offer not only flavors and excellences of the territory, but also the passion and love we put into each dish, in our human-scale reality. In fact, we have guests, not customers: we strive to make everyone who crosses the threshold of our restaurant feel “at home.”

Whether it’s a first course, a second course or a simple appetizer accompanied by a good glass of wine, at Agricola Toscana you will savor the culinary side of our region, in the center of the wonderful city of Florence.

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