Taste and Awe

Unusual, refined cuisine, a mix of scents, sensations, and flavors designed to amaze and delight even the most difficult of palates.

Every country has its own traditions, not only traditional dishes but also different customs. Dimsum is the term used in southern China for a meal, specifically one eaten on Sundays or special holidays, consisting of small portions of dishes with meat, fish or vegetables, as well as sweets or fruit.

Here you will be able to try different types of very tasty ravioli, from the most traditional with meat or fish, to the more particular ones with truffles or lard, with the latter showing a strong influence from Tuscan cuisine. The menu also hides other surprises, a wide choice of appetizers and main courses and especially the very special noodles, in broth or sautéed with meat, fish or vegetable seasonings to satisfy all palates.

We will welcome you with a cup of tea, which in addition to welcoming you will allow you to try this particular accompaniment to our dishes. Tea in the East is often used to accompany main meals, each type of tea must be served at the right temperature and brewed for the right amount of time, and that is exactly how you will try it at dimsum.

You can then decide whether to continue your meal by choosing and sipping a tea from our selection or opt for one of our select labels.

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