THE 5 SENSES A complete sensory experience

We are a family united by a common dream: catering as a complete sensory experience. Our journey began several years ago, with the help of our Mamma Patrizia, who always supported us in our choices. Our aim is to recreate dishes from Piedmontese cuisine adding oriental influences: a melting pot of flavors to awaken all of the 5 senses. Starting from our experience in the hospitality sector, which began with our father and mother, we’re continuing our project to offer not just dishes but a full sensory experiences.

Everything starts from the research and the creativity of our staff, which we are introducing here: DIEGO: The softness of freshly baked bread, the delicacy of the flour, the hardness of the rolling pin for the homemade pasta, are just some of the thousand sensations that pass through Diego’s hands. Those hands that receive raw materials every day and work them to create dream dishes: masterpieces that make you feel at home.

STEFANO: Has an aroma ever brought good memories back to you? It happens to us whenever we enter the restaurant. Stefano represents our sense of smell: he can imagine a new dish just smelling an aroma. Thanks to him our dishes make you feel at home.

ANDREA: If we have to attribute a sense to Andrea, our sommelier, it is undoubtedly the taste. For him, passion is the main ingredient. For us, he is one of our main ingredients. Specialized in the combination of good wine and good food, to always give the best advice. GRACE: Knowing how to listen to others is a skill, it is what allows people to establish an interaction with others. Of all the five senses, our little Grace, for us, is hearing.

So young and still so capable of listening and communicating, Grace has the openness and transparency necessary to build real connection with our customers. PATRIZIA: Have you ever heard the phrase “Appearance matters too.”? By looking at a dish, you have the ability to see the emotions it contains. Observing a room, you perceive the climate you breathe. And it is through Patrizia’s eyes that we understand that everything is fine, that we are giving our best, because through her gaze she tells us, even without words, how proud of us she is. CATERINA: She joined us in 2018, to take care of the match of the first and second courses.

In truth, her great passion is sweets. Balance and sophistication distinguish her, this is why for two years now the credit for the creation of our desserts goes right to her. MICHELE: Michele completes the 5 senses staff. Under the guidance of our Nicholas, Michele has now integrated perfectly into the staff and with his work. He makes us respect the delivery times of the dishes and keeps the quality and experience high. NICHOLAS: “Gardemanger”: responsible for appetizers and desserts. Our definition, on the other hand, speaks of an almost omnipresent figure, a combination of attention, cooperation, assistance.

That hand always ready, those eyes that check that nothing is missing, that word that makes us smile. This is 5 Senses Restaurant: a close-knit group, a family that thanks to its differences follows a path set in the road of haute cuisine. We aim for the best day after day, offering a remarkable service in terms of dishes and wine labels, all carefully selected and calibrated, placing the utmost attention on every single detail that is linked to the kitchen, up to the dining room and service.

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