Osteria Il Granaio: a Journey through Tuscany’s refined flavors and timeless traditions

Located in the historic center of Rapolano Terme, just 20 kilometers from Siena, Osteria Il Granaio is not just a restaurant, but a world of its own. An exquisite and unique setting, where every object and detail has a purpose, awaits you. Gianfranco and Roberto manage this extraordinary place: their refined taste greets you warmly as soon as you enter, leaving an indelible impression for your entire experience at Il Granaio.

Il Granaio encapsulates the region’s food and wine culture, traditional and revisited local recipes, creativity, and a spark of flavor that ignites the senses. Steeped in history, with ancient brick vaults and grand arches, the past coexists harmoniously with vibrant colors, paintings, and contemporary elements that represent the present. The atmosphere is warm, adorned with soft, relaxing colors complemented by chic, modern, and elegant furnishings. A passion for innovation while respecting tradition is the best vehicle for raising awareness of the culture and values of the land.

Food becomes the heritage of the territory, an expression of its identity like a monument or an architectural representation. Moreover, the expert hands behind each dish take you on a sensory journey, using carefully selected ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, land and sea specialties, along with homemade pasta and various delicious ragouts.

Roberto and Gianfranco take you on a fascinating journey of discovery, revealing the knowledge and precious culture of their land and people. One of the best specialties of Osteria Il Granaio is handmade pasta, which will leave you craving for more; but fret not, as you will find an array of dishes and specialties catering to all palates and tastes!

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