A benchmark in the Pizza world by the Folliero Family. Pizza is history, and Folliero is tradition!

Dr. Mario Folliero, founder of the Pizza Style School, is a renowned director, trainer, and consultant. He holds an honorary doctorate in educational sciences and is an expert chef and avid traveler. He has supported various foreign start-ups, supervised local restaurants, and established food departments. His international experience spans over the World: Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Folliero has organized pizza events and provided consultations worldwide. As a versatile expert in theoretical and practical knowledge, he has conducted master classes on pizza and the renowned “Le 5 Stagioni” flour. He serves as a Brand Ambassador and has received prestigious awards, including the Premio Italia 2023 and an award from the Unesco Club for the Mediterranean Diet. Dr. Folliero has been a spokesperson for the Italian Ministry of Labour’s advertising campaign representing pizza makers and has made several appearances on Italian TV.

Pizza Style School

Led by Dr. Mario Folliero and Dr. Cav. Alfredo Folliero, it is a renowned brand in the training world. The training courses offered boast significant references that you can view directly on the official website. Mario Folliero organizes prestigious pizza contests sponsored, including the Pizza World Cup, Pizza European Cup, Pizza Master Cup, and many others.

The Pizza Museum in Aprilia showcases fascinating artifacts from pizza-making history, including newspaper articles on record-breaking “World’s Largest Pizza” and “World’s Longest Pizza.” Millstones, equipment, and photographs also offer a glimpse into the past. The Folliero family is in the world of pizza since the 1930s, starting with Dr. Cav. Alfredo Folliero, an iconic pizza maker and one of the greatest masters. Alfredo’s passion was to train young people and promote the love for pizza. In the 1980s, he co-founded an influential Italian association and later established UPTER, to protect the rights of pizza makers in Italy.

Dr. Mario Folliero, following in his father’s footsteps, expanded training courses and consulting services internationally. Flavia Assunta Ferraro, his wife, has also made significant contributions and participated in TV shows focused on southern Italian cuisine. Their son Augusto Folliero is a renowned pizza maker in the United States, upholding the family’s expertise, while sisters Daniela and Tiziana also excel in the field. Pizza means connection, happiness, and a ritual evolved over the years. At the training school, the focus extends to develop professionals who possess communication skills, business management acumen, and the ability to mix new influences with traditional flavor. Strong ethics, respect for work and people, and the belief in making a positive impact, define the Folliero family’s values.

Through personal consulting, it supports the opening of restaurants and trains aspiring pizza makers and instructors. These professionals also have the chance to take part in prestigious world championships. What’s most important, is the family’s dedication to making the world a better place, their valuable contributions to society, and the positive impact of their expertise and services in the pizza world.

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