GORIZIA 1916 100 years of Neapolitan cuisine

A welcoming atmosphere, a team of genuine Neapolitans and all the warmth that characterize the city of Naples: Pizzeria Gorizia 1916, a reference point in the Neapolitan gastronomic panorama, has been making pizzas for over a century. Today as a hundred years ago: both our pizzas and our dishes come from ancient traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, always featuring carefully selected local ingredients.

Proudly Krug Ambassade since 2020, we are committed to spreading the culture of good wine and champagne and we always make sure that every dish you taste is perfectly paired with what we pour into your glass.


It was May 1, 1916 when, on the Vomero hill that was still a rural broccoli plantation, a very young Salvatore Grasso opened its pizzeria. As soon as he returned from the war, Salvatore, who before leaving for the front was already an acclaimed pizza chef at the pizzeria Mattozzi, decided to set up his own business. He then took over an ancient restaurant and called it “Gorizia” in honor of his fellow soldiers who in those days were reconquering the city of Gorizia, and for 9 years it remained the only restaurant in the area.

Salvatore’s cuisine and his pizza delighted from the humblest to the noblest palates: princes and dukes began to build their own villas in Vomero and became enthusiastic clients of the Pizzeria. Likewise, the construction workers who crowded the neighborhood gave Salvatore the idea of creating the very first fast food in history: he offered an assortment of side dishes that could be used as a filling in loaves made with pizza dough. The years passed by and Salvatore decided to offer, alongside his pizzas, a selection of Neapolitan dishes.

From grandfather to grandson, the Gorizia has reached its 107th birthday and is today proud to offer a pizza prepared according to the most ancient tradition and seasoned with products of unparalleled quality that Salvatore sr and Salvatore jr enjoy discovering among the small Italian artisanal excellences. Due to its dedication to the safeguard and spreading of the art of pizza making, Salvatore sr has been appointed as President of the UPSN (association of historic Neapolitan pizzerias).


The Grasso family’s passion for cooking is not limited to gastronomy but also extends to the world of wine: with Salvatore Jr, appointed Chevalier by the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, Gorizia 1916 acquires a respectable cellar. Over 250 labels selected from among the best Italian and international excellences and a rare collection of vintage champagnes make Gorizia 1916 a point of reference for wine enthusiasts.

The dedication in spreading the art of good drinking meant that Gorizia 1916 was selected by the Maison Krug in 2020 as Krug Ambassade. Since 2021 Gorizia 1916, together with Maison Krug, has been organizing an annual charity event in collaboration with Michelin starred chefs raising funds for childhood cancer research.

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