De Gustibus Restaurant Licata Sicily

De Gustibus Restaurant is located in the historic centre of the city of Licata, a few steps from the Marina di Cala del Sole and opposite the commercial port of the city. A welcoming and reserved place, it associates with pleasure for good food, a taste for familiarity and conviviality, which has always been the basis of the Mediterranean tradition. If “flavour are not discussed” the De Gustibus restaurant aims at the full satisfaction of the palate of its customers.

Doing it is not that easy, you know, that-s why we decided to focus on the products of this land, filtering the aromas and flavours through our chef’s several years of experiences. A new cuisine is born thanks to this combination, respectful of the Sicilian and mediterranean tradition, but with a different sensory experience, influenced by travels and memories. The heart, simplicity and pleasure for the hospitality are the framework for our idea of catering. Our Restaurant was born from the idea and passion of the Chef Luca Paglini.

Luca was born and took his first steps, professionally speaking, in Lombardy, his region of origin. After travelling extensively and working very renowned restaurants among Saint Moritz, Paris, New York and costa Esmeralda, in 2008 he decided to move to Licata, his wife’s hometown. Licata is a city on the Sicilian coast a few kilometres from the city of Agrigento and the Valley of Temples, a UNESCO heritage site. The sea offers Licata an amazing panorama, as well as a great abundance both in fishing and agricultural sectors.

Luca began to appreciate excellences such as pink and red shrimps, mullets, spatula and other fish caught abundantly in the sea in front of Licata and the rich agricultural products such as artichokes, Cantalupo melon and other different and tasty varieties of vegetables. Our chef gives life to an innovative cuisine that perfectly manages to merge the characteristics of the Mediterranean cuisine with all the international experiences lived up to that moment. Luca does not even forget his origins and despite being in an area where fish is the absolute protagonist of lots of recipes, he decides to continue to cook meat too.

H thus begins a research the territory, which allows him to know fine and unique meat, like Black Pork from Nebrodi and local productions such as Girgentana goat cheese, a slow food presidium. Since 2016 the De Gustibus Restaurant has been the ideal place to spend a quiet evening together with an excellent glass of wine, good food and the undisputed professionalism of all the staff.

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