Fish Restaurant in Verona Since 1989

The fish restaurant in Verona Il Gargano is the result of history and traditions handed down from father to son. Il Gargano restaurant was born in 1988 in Villafranca, in the province of Verona, from the idea and passion of Giuseppe Valenzano. Today it is managed by his son Cristoforo and his wife Cristina: for two generations now, the fish restaurant Il Gargano has offered freshness and quality that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Furthermore, the attention paid to the Apulian land that gave birth to the family does not go unnoticed, because we do not fail to honor it with some traditional dishes.

In this land, in fact, a large part of the culinary practice is characterized by the life of the sea and fish. Also important are the exploits of the great Apulian pasta makers who inexorably link fresh pasta and fish. The dishes that you can find on the menu of the Il Gargano restaurant and that best represent the sunny land of origin are: fresh orecchiette with turnip tops and cacioricotta, Apulian swordfish, Salento crepes with berries. If you too want to fully enjoy the delicate flavors of fish specialties, Il Gargano Restaurant is the right choice!

A Philosophy of Excellence

The certainty of being able to place only the best in the refrigerator and on the work benches is the result of years of work to be able to collaborate with the best suppliers, so as to guarantee excellence to our customers.

Working with the best raw materials means guaranteeing that excellence that Ristorante Il Gargano can never give up. The love for the pursuit of perfection and the passion for the material are transformed by us into an unforgettable experience for our guests, revealing the style of a restaurant and its chefs, the result of research, wisdom and passion.

Il Gargano Restaurant is a small and elegant restaurant that offers a comfortable, welcoming and well-being atmosphere. Here it is also possible to find wines from the best selections of national and French cellars: the care and love for our service are shown also like this.

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