The Restaurant-Pizzeria KOPI CLUB: A Unique Food and Wine Experience on Maggiore lake

The historic Restaurant-Pizzeria KOPI CLUB, founded in 1999, brings with it a fascinating history and a highquality gastronomic offering. The name ‘Kopi’ comes from the German Koning brewery and is the nickname given to the King’s famous beers. This brand has captured the essence of an authentic and distinctive tradition, which still pervades this charming restaurant today. Over the years, the restaurant has evolved, offering genuine and typical dishes, and now features a wide selection of local products.

Over the years, the restaurant has progressed and grown, offering genuine and typical dishes that reflect the best of local cuisine. Today, the menu offers a wide selection of local products from renowned local producers. Specialties include: – Poretti Beers: These high quality beers satisfy the palate of the most discerning customers, offering an authentic and refreshing experience. – Wines from Angera and Varese:

The local wines pair perfectly with each dish, offering an excellent selection to accompany every moment of the dining experience. – The catch of Lake Maggiore: The lake offers a variety of fish delicacies and the restaurant does its utmost to enhance the catch of the day, guaranteeing freshness and flavour to the dishes.

The location of the Ristorante-Pizzeria KOPI CLUB is another strong point: situated on the picturesque lakeside promenade of Laveno M. (VA), with a panoramic view of Maggiore lake, it offers a unique food and wine experience to the increasingly attentive tourists. The restaurant offers traditional dishes made with local zero-kilometer raw materials, from wine to cheese, from honey to cured meats and fruit. In addition, special attention is paid to vegan and gluten-free cuisine, to meet the different nutritional needs of customers.

The restaurant tries to propose a healthy offer, suitable for sportsmen and active holidaymakers. It tries to integrate the combination of nature, wellness and tourism, enhancing the surrounding lake environment. One can enjoy contemporary dishes with typical products from the lake and the sea. The ‘food experience’ concept is at the center of attention, to satisfy a clientele that seeks quality and culinary uniqueness.

The restaurant’s kitchen is always open from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m., to meet the needs of tourists wishing to enjoy a meal outside the traditional hours. The restaurant’s strategic location near the piers for small and medium-sized boats offers the possibility of combining boat trips with fresh fish lunches. Culture and good cuisine combine to satisfy any request.

In summary, the Ristorante-Pizzeria KOPI CLUB is a historic venue offering a unique food and wine experience. With its traditional cuisine, local products and attention to special dietary needs, the restaurant aims to delight its guests with a combination of culture, good food and breathtaking scenery along Maggiore Lake.

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