More than 60 years of quality at the service of florence

following a journey that led him to fall in love with the Tuscan capital, decided to settle in the Florentine city, where he opened, at just 27, a completely new place for those times.” With more than 60 years of history, the RED GARTER was one of the first American Bars in Italy and is today one of the most famous bars in the country, also known overseas.

On May 23, 1962, in the heart of the Florentine center, one of the many artisan shops of the time was transformed into something new for Italy, but very popular in the United States: a bar where traditional American music was played, played by a BANJO BAND.

The banjo player has remained a symbol of the restaurant and we still see it today in the logo. Since then, the restaurant has been renovated and enlarged compared to its original size, and in 2007 it changed ownership, but inside it breathes the same atmosphere and energy of the first years: young people from all over the world united by the desire to have fun.

Red Garter has 3 different souls: the Steakhouse, where we’ve sold almost 100.000 chicken wings and over 250.000 pints of beer; the Live Karaoke Show, where we have over 2500 hours of karaoke each year; and our DJ set live, open until 4 AM.

The Red Garter Steakhouse is modeled on the classic American Diner and boasts an original menu that combines typical American and Tex-Mex cuisine with good Italian meat. Delicious hamburgers and chicken wings are the most popular dishes. All the burgers are freshly made every day from prime choice certified meat. The bar specializes in two and one-liter pitchers of cocktails (sex on the beach, frozen daiquiri, and margarita, …) and offers a large selection of craft beers. Every evening maxi screens show the major national and international sporting events and football championships.

Live music, Live Karaoke Show, popular DJ sets, sports nights, and music bingo are some of the key elements to success in this little world, along with a good dose of passion and the constant challenge to keep up with the times, continuing to entertain the public, are what make this place so unique.

Open every evening, all year round, holidays included, the Red Garter today represents a must for the nightlife of Florence, both for the locals and the many foreigners visiting the cities who have often heard about it even before leaving home. It’s the perfect spot for socializing and getting to know people from all over the world. Whomever you’re with, friends, family, or by yourself, the Red Garter has something to offer everyone.

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