Sofas with Italian Heart

The brand Nicolaquinto started its business in the Furniture market in 2014 at first merely as commercial outsourcing production to third parties. This gave the society the time to test the market and to plan new strategies to enter into it more competitively. That meant, as of 2018, the start of direct production in Matera, Basilicata, its origin’s place. The company invested in a new plant, but more, in an internal Prototype Department that includes nowadays a Wood Cutting and Polyurethan cutting system.

The ideal condition to be able to study and create new models in complete autonomy, realizing the sample and testing the market response onsite or offsite. From the beginning the brand had been the ambition to change the way we understand the living room, and more to honestly reinforce the image of a true Made in Italy product. With this aim the brand launched a true appreciation’s project, Modamilano Collection, that provides for high refined fabrics of Italian origin only and leather from the most excellent Italian tannery as the missing link in the manufacture process of total Italian origin.

This idea, born during the pandemic period in 2020, was designed not only to support National Trade in a very complex and difficult moment, but also to lend an Haute Couture air to the Sofas. The result is a perfect balance between elegance and grace, precious fabrics and leathers and sophisticated details. In parallel with it, since 2021, Nicolaquinto has been running another project to support the environment called Green Consciousness.

Beginning with the transition of the plant and offices towards greater energy efficiency, equipping the factory with solar panels, it focuses into the introduction of recycled fabrics and the innovative vegan leather ‘Nope’ into its commercial offering. Nope is made from the leaves of the cactus plant. It’s characterized by a soft touch, highly compared to real leather in all technical specifications but with the added value of the natural uniqueness.

Despite all this, the real strength of the brand over the years it has been its strong focused on Innovation and digitization processes. Thanks to its IT knowledge, the company has been able to optimize its operational and work management processes by designing and implementing software customized to its needs, both in the Production and the Sales/Administrative area. In a partnership perspective, which the company is constantly looking for, it translates into a Sales Tool where to check together with the end-customer models, versions, upholsteries and optional, create the final price and work on discount.

Everything in on place. More, due to the internal Graphic Communication department it can provide strong support to create ad hoc marketing materials and content to promote the brand online and offline. Our certified Google SEO will cooperate with the partner to build an effective strategy optimizing website and social media showcase and so attract and engage customers.

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