Neo Yachts & composites: pioneering excellence in Italian craftsmanship and sailing innovation

NEOYACHTS & COMPOSITES is a dynamic Italian shipyard headquartered in Bari, embodying the essence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. The facility oversees all production and construction phases of the boats, from hull lamination to the cutting and shaping of structural interiors using CNC machines. The shipyard boasts a team of skilled workers and composite professionals who adeptly employ modern construction methods. Hulls and decks are entirely constructed using infused epoxy resins and carbon fiber in a sandwich configuration. The idea of Paolo Semeraro, an Olympic sailing champion with extensive race and navigation experience, operates under the philosophy of “Building with Thought.” He founded Neo Yachts & Composites commencing the in-house construction of the first carbon pre-impregnated boat— spacious and livable despite being a production model.

In October 2014, the Neo 400 Carbon achieved a remarkable feat, winning the Middle Sea Race, the most prestigious Mediterranean regatta, in its windiest edition. This triumph provided the necessary assurances for the first boat orders in 2017. With an increasing demand for their innovative yachts, the creation of a dedicated entity became imperative. The success of the Neo 400 Carbon, especially in challenging conditions, laid the foundation for a brand that continues to redefine the boundaries of sailing excellence. The company’s rapid growth, global acclaim, and victories in major regattas reaffirm Neo Yachts & Composites’ position as a trailblazer in the world of sailing. In 2023, the Neo 430 and Neo 570 began winning in their respective categories at major Mediterranean regattas, reinforcing customer confidence in the brand’s concept. At present, the company lacks a formal commercial network; primary sales tools include the web (social media and website), regattas, and word- of-mouth among customers.

VISION The boats are meticulously designed to maximize on-water performance relative to their length. This is achieved through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies, selecting the best hull shapes both upwind and downwind. The goal is to maintain maximum waterline length while sailing upwind with a 20° heel, facilitated by a heavy and deep keel, coupled with a lightweight, all-carbon construction. This design minimizes wetted surface when sailing.

TARGET MARKET Within a few years, the company has experienced rapid growth, with its products appreciated worldwide. To date, 24 units have been sold in 13 countries, including 6 outside the European Community, ranging from 11 to 18 meters. There are currently 20 sailing units and 4 to be delivered in 2024.

OPERATIONAL PRODUCTION METHODS All design, production, and construction phases occur at the Bitonto headquarters, supported by engineers, naval architects, and nautical industry professionals. The company aims to meet the highest standards of safety, performance, and comfort, complying with CE regulations and the stringent “THE WORLD SAILING OFFSHORE REGULATIONS.”

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