Living the Damini experience Step into a world of stories, narratives, and experiences

THE STORY TELLING The journey into our world begins by entering a reality designed to be a place of connection and sharing. To fully enjoy the Damini experience, the Restaurant is the key!

Since 2015, it proudly holds a Michelin star, an achievement that Chef Giorgio Damini earned by transforming the butcher shop into the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe, through his culinary expertise. Each dish is presented and served in a way that allows the customer to have a true “interaction” with it. Menus follow the seasonality and availability of raw materials. The arrival of a fresh ingredient or the discovery of a new artisan is a continuous stimulus to the chef’s creativity. The ‘surprise menu’ includes a journey of 5 or 8 stages; it is not just a sequence of Giorgio’s dishes, both new and classic, but his concrete way of telling his story and inviting to know him more intimately.

NOT JUST A BUTCHER SHOP Customers reception is fundamental for us, and involves taking care of them from the moment they enter, directly into our shop. Here, they can discover the wine and gastronomic excellences we have carefully selected from our search for small artisanal realities that operate according to the philosophy of the respect for raw materials and the well-being of all individuals. Inside the store, we also have a deli counter where we keep the best fresh dairy and Italian culinary products for takeout, allowing our cuisine to be enjoyed comfortably at home.

THE ART OF PROCESSING MEAT And then, of course, there is our butcher counter, of which we have been proud for generations: this space is daily curated by Gian Pietro and our butchers, who offer only the best cuts from selected breeds, sourced from small breeders attentive to the well-being and nutrition of the animals. Aging, maturation, refinement, deboning, and cutting phases are carried out in Damini’s in-house laboratory in Arzignano with the “made-to-measure” attention that each individual specimen requires. Only after aging for at least 40/45 days – for Gallega and Wagyu, it can even reach 100 days – the meats are ready to be processed and offered in our top cuts, knife-beaten dishes, or the famous Damburger, and the extensive selection of ribs. The Damini meat selection also includes white meats, poultry raised with natural feeding. It is also possible to purchase the products, so that customers can take a piece of our reality with them. Upon request, it is also possible to visit our storage cells, providing an additional opportunity to understand how we treat this precious material, one that we have always sought to valorize in the most sustainable way.

Damini is all of this.
Not just a butcher shop.
Not just a shop.
Not just a deli.
Not just a Michelin-starred restaurant.
Damini is an experience.
It’s a smile.

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