Welcome to the world of the Bartolomei family

“Al Vecchio Frantoio Bartolomei,” a family business spanning four generations, has crafted Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1890, evolving into a key player in the region. Located in Montecchio, a charming Umbrian village, it thrives in an area celebrated for quality olive oil. Montecchio’s captivating landscape, adorned with olive trees from green to gray, reflects the Bartolomei family’s legacy. Their ancestors laid the foundation for this flourishing business, now one of the region’s most renowned. Under Vincenzo, son of Argene and Luigi, the business expanded in the 1980s: this facilitated both expansion and enhanced logistics, ushering in a new era of commerce, Oil Experience, and hospitality. Our olive groves, featuring Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino cultivars, blanket Montecchio’s surroundings. The IL PERO Olive Grove, established in 2012, boasts 1000 new Moraiolo, Nocellara del Belice, and Leccio del Corno plants for monocultivar production. The advanced “Molinova Serie Oro” extraction system, blending craftsmanship and innovation, ensures high-quality oil. Cold pressing minimizes environmental impact by using extracted pits as fuel. Internally handled bottling completes the journey from orchard to bottle.

Led by sisters Carla and Rita and Chiara, who represents the 5th generation, the family continues its passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Complementing the main activity, the Olive Mill offers experiences like tastings, guided tours, a dedicated museum, and a Restaurant-Olive Oil Shop in Orvieto. We are women in love with life, beauty, and the good things from nature and talent. Travel, flavors, and art fascinate us. Our goal is to create unique experiences. We want you to have fun, be moved, and be surprised with our ideas, recipes, flavors, and innovations. Managing the groves, operating the mill, and tasting the oil is an everyday activity. Our great team is responsible for how a project can evolve into more than just a dream. With our values, we carry forward our project of love, taking care of every detail and oversee the entire production process.

The Olive Oil Museum features three exhibition rooms showcasing the historical olive oil production process. It honors the men and women contributing to the region’s agricultural legacy, exploring refined oil processing techniques with antique tools and a 16th-century wooden press. A cherished photograph captures the serious faces of the first Bartolomei generations. The collection offers insight into rural life since the early 1900s, concluding with an open kitchen providing a splendid view of olive groves—an ideal setting for tastings and events.

Established in 2014, the Oleoteca Restaurant in Orvieto is a passion-driven project offering not just tastings and purchases of Extra Virgin Olive Oils but also an immersive experience with oils and traditional dishes in an olive mill- inspired ambiance. The menu thoughtfully pairs different oils, including monocultivar and blend options. Beyond meals, the venue offers oil tastings, themed sessions, and mini-courses. The accommodation project includes two ground-floor retreats amid olive trees, just 1 km from Orvieto, providing a tranquil escape into the diverse facets of their environment.

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