Typical Tuscan Restaurant since1996

The restaurant Osteria di Porta al Cassero is located in the center of the historical town of Montalcino, in front of the ancient Fortress that dominates the town.

The restaurant has a rustic atmosphere with stone walls and an old medieval well in the middle. It has a double entrance: one in the pedestrian street Via Ricasoli, which goes from the castle to the downtown, and one in Via della Libertà, which you can access with a car and find parking.

Montalcino is famous for the production of one of the most awarded wines in the world, Brunello di Montalcino. The goal of our restaurant is to serve typical food of the territory, paired with the greatest wines of the area.

The restaurant was founded in 1996 by Piero Cecchini and his wife Loriana Pierangioli, and ever since it’s been family owned. Piero ran it until 2020 when he passed away and now his children Silvia and Tommaso Cecchini along with the help of Loriana took over in managing it.

This is a typical Tuscan restaurant which presents traditional dishes of the Montalcino. Appetizer of Bruschetta with local olive oil, Tuscan Crostini with liver and Porcini mushrooms, local salamis and cheeses; handmade Pinci pasta (thick hand rolled spaghetti) and Maccheroni (ribbon pasta) with Aglione (tomato sauce and the “big” garlic typical of the area), Tuscan meat sauce, Briciole (fried breadcrumbs and olive oil) and in-season mushrooms and truffle; traditional soups, vegetables and beans soup, Porcini mushroom soup, Pappa al Pomodoro (thick pureed tomato and bread soup) and Chickpeas soup.

The main courses are also typical of the region’s tradition like Tuscan pork sausage and beans, wildboar stew, roasted rabbit, beef liver with onions, beef tripe cooked with saffron, beef tongue with green sauce (garlic and parsley sauce) and veal meat and potatoes croquettes. The menu also presents several desserts like Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Cantucci and Vinsanto (Cookies dipped in sweet wine) and other typical desserts.

All the dishes can be paired with a wine list which presents more than 70 Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino’s labels and other Tuscan and Italian wines. We recommend to book by phone or email. The kitchen is open every day for lunch (12:15 to 14:30) and dinner (19:15 to 21:30) and it is closed on Wednesdays.

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