Km0 Osteria, zero kilometers from Venice!

Are you looking for an easy stop after a long journey to visit Venice? Or do you need to recover some energy before going back home? Are you looking for a typically Venetian relaxing place?

Km0 Venezia Osteria is the answer to all of your wishes. Our restaurant is located in a perfect position for all travelers arriving in Venice by any means of transportation. In fact, it is close to Piazzale Roma where there are parking lots, tram and bus stops, just a few minutes from the train and ferry station.

The venue is located in Campiello dei Lavadori de Lana, facing the Rio Novo canal from which a beautiful Venetian panorama stretches before your eyes.

Campiello dei Lavadori, as the name suggests (wool washers), was the place dedicated to washing raw wool, a phase that preceded beating, combing and carding. Great attention and commitment were put into all the processing phases, to obtain a true quality product.

The spirit of the Lavadori was passed down in the attention to hygiene and in the preparation of our dishes. Once seated in our spacious stall, or in the intimacy of our indoor dining room, you can choose among the specialties of Venice and enjoy our careful interpretation of the great classics and timeless dishes of Venetian cuisine.

Let us take you on this gastronomic journey, to discover those flavors that the Venetian lagoon has to offer.

Our culinary specialties include the ‘Tris di saor con polenta’ with sweet and sour notes, as an appetizer; ‘Spaghetti col nero di seppia’ as a first course, and among the main courses the ‘fegato di vitello alla Veneziana’, all of them representative dishes of local cuisine.

Km0 Venezia Osteria firmly believes in the importance of consuming products right where they are produced. At our Osteria we give due weight to the authenticity and freshness of food; we know these are fundamental components of the dining experience, and we try to make sure that here you will find only the best.

To accompany our delicacies, our wine list offers an excellent selection that, thanks to the variety of choice, enhances the uniqueness of the territory of origin and presents only the most authentic and original flavors. Finally, we know how important not only the place and the food are, but also the people who work there. Our staff will offer you professional and, at the same time, warm and convivial service. Kindness, courtesy and professionalism are aimed at making your stay in the restaurant pleasant and relaxing.

Come and visit our little oasis of relax. And remember that a break will help you recover your energy before venturing out to discover Venice; otherwise Km0 Venezia Osteria will be ideal to say goodbye, with one last spritz, to the unique city of Venice.

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