Characteristic venue with seafood specialties and much more

The Osteria Maria, since 1943, has been a characteristic restaurant in the area adjacent to the port of Genoa Sampierdarena. The exposed bricks, the original decorations both on the walls and on the tables, characterize the environment.

Here fresh fish is king and if stockfish is a daily certainty, the other dishes depend on the catch of the day. Very fresh and top-quality ingredients are enhanced by the inventiveness of Andrea, owner and young chef who reinterprets ancient recipes of the Genoese tradition. With the classic Ligurian first courses: pesto, walnut sauce and seafood, you will also be offered “poor fish” such as suelli (sugarelli), fried anchovies breaded with egg and breadcrumbs, cuttlefish in stew and rich grilled food.

A wine list with many prestigious labels reflects the care and passion that Andrea puts into everything that is served at the table.

Last but not least the quality of the desserts that are prepared exclusively by the chef, The Osteria Maria has survived over time other historic Sampierdarenese places frequented and loved by the old Qenoese, such as “il Toro”, “du Bepin” and Rosetta”.

In the past,the trattorias in the area closed on weekends for rest. In keeping with tradition, the Osteria Maria also closes on Sundays and Saturdays.

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