Welcome to Ai Cocci: an authentic taste experience in Rome

In the heart of the picturesque Testaccio district, you’ll find a restaurant destined to become your favorite culinary destination: the “Ai Cocci” restaurant pizzeria. Here, you’ll discover not only delicious dishes for maximum palate satisfaction but also a complete gastronomic experience immersed in an atmosphere of authenticity and friendliness.

The meticulously prepared dishes are the pulsating heart of the restaurant. Whether you prefer Italian cuisine, pizza, Mediterranean gastronomy, or Roman and Lazio specialties, Ai Cocci has everything you desire, with an excellent quality-price ratio. Sincere and seasonal ingredients will take you to the genuineness of Roman tradition.

Ai Cocci offers a high-quality culinary experience, a perfect addition to your Roman holiday itinerary. Born from the love for the city and a passion for Roman cuisine, the “Ai Cocci” restaurant is a great dream realized through the twenty years of experience of the owner, Payel, an expert in catering and hospitality. His goal is to create a warm and welcoming place to rediscover the ancient flavors of the world’s most famous cuisine.

All the best, therefore, in a family atmosphere: let yourself be captivated by the simplicity and elegance of tonnarelli cacio e pepe or the delicious fettuccine with artichokes, guanciale, and pecorino; or the large ravioli filled with cod, a perfect combination of delicacy and flavor. The homemade, hand-rolled pasta is indeed one of the restaurant’s highlights, prepared with love and dedication. Don’t miss the traditional amatriciana and carbonara, or among the appetizers, Roman-style and artichokes alla giudia. If you prefer a main course, you can be enchanted by the oxtail, tripe, or the simplicity of a good plate of meatballs or Roman-style saltimbocca. For enthusiasts, there’s always an excellent choice of grilled meats, such as Florentine steak, Tomahawk, and sliced beef – you won’t regret it.

At Ai Cocci, you can also enjoy an excellent pizza, a true celebration of Italian tradition. With a crispy crust, fresh ingredients, and enveloping flavors, each slice is an explosion of taste that will make your mouth water. Aware of the dietary needs of all customers, there are numerous options for vegetarians, vegan choices, and gluten-free dishes. Variety is the key on the menu, ensuring that every guest can find something that satisfies their tastes and dietary needs.

Customer satisfaction is, after all, the priority. Reserve a table today and discover the best of our recipes in a refined environment, open every day from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM, ready to welcome guests with warm and attentive hospitality. The entire staff is looking forward to providing you with a memorable experience: Ai Cocci will make you fall in love with authentic Roman cuisine!

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