BOBOCONO: gelato for everyone, sweet as a smile

Bobocono was established in Cagliari in 2007, stemming from the dream of Roberto, known as Bobo, to follow the footsteps of his grandfather Vittorio, a renowned pastry chef from Cagliari. For Bobo, investing time, money, and energy into Bobocono meant more than just pursuing a dream; it was the opportunity to return to live on his beloved island, Sardinia, after an extended work experience in Milan.

Passion alone wasn’t enough! To produce ice creams that truly embodied Bobo’s philosophy—rooted in product craftsmanship, dedication to local raw materials, and a commitment to studying Made in Italy and sophisticated production techniques—organizational skills, empathy, and positive vibes were essential.

This winning combination proved to be the key to Bobocono’s success. The people of Cagliari embraced the products so warmly that, by 2014, Bobocono expanded to open Bobocono Beach on the Poetto seafront beach in Cagliari.

Over the years, Bobocono’s ice cream parlor menu has evolved, offering not only artisanal gelato but also Ice Donuts, Ice Cream Cookies, Cakes, Sticks, Popsicles, and Granitas—all meticulously handcrafted daily by Bobo’s dedicated staff. At Bobocono, there’s a perfect ice-cream for everyone, including options for gluten-free, dairy- free, and sugar-free preferences.

Then came an innovative idea: introducing a unique product to the menu, distinct in taste, format, and concept from other local gelato shops. The Boboetto was born—a bite-sized semifreddo available in around 50 different flavors, covered with a delicate, crunchy layer of high-quality chocolate in various tastes and consistencies. Easy to enjoy and perfect as a post-meal treat.

Beyond the quality of its products and the freshness of authentic raw materials from a short, controlled, and fair-trade supply chain, what makes Bobocono truly exceptional is its inclusive nature and the sense of community it promotes around its name and principles.

These principles have been wholeheartedly embraced by the staff, who, over the years, has executed flawless and successful production and management processes, always prioritizing the customer and their needs.

Today, the combination of these elements drives Bobocono to pursue a new dream: to share this taste experience, filled with love and passion, beyond the island, reaching new people, children, and families while preserving every step of the production and distribution process that has ensured the success of Cagliari’s Bobocono gelato shops. Bobo and the entire staff look forward to welcoming you to Bobocono and Bobocono Beach.

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