Boldrini Selleria: a family, a story of passion, 100% Made in Tuscany.

Boldrini Selleria is a little family-run Tuscan shop that has grown into a world-class brand, synonym with craftsmanship, leather, and superior quality. Boldrini Selleria was founded in Tuscany in 1955, when Scandiano Boldrini opened a small handbag business in a little town, Chiesina Uzzanese; here the scent of leather from the nearby tanneries can still be smelt in the air.

With his team of skilled craftsmen, Scandiano knows how to put his stamp on any bag, creating products of outstanding quality and value. A pursuit of excellence that has been passed down the generations, with Luca Boldrini firmly in the grips of a passion for business and craftsmanship that is the same as his father’s. The result is an exclusive collection of distinctive products, each bearing the mark of the artisan’s touch.

Every item is manufactured with the best Tuscan traditional methods, which, after many steps and careful quality inspections, turn them into exclusive, distinctive products. Boldrini Selleria is synonymous with classic elegance and contemporary flair, and its handbags have become coveted must-haves around the world.

Boldrini Selleria can be described in few words:
-Selected materials
-Care for details
-Certified vegetable-tanned leather
-Made in Tuscany

Boldrini Selleria is an “artisan’s shop” where classic products are made and customised, then updated with a modern, contemporary touch that is in keeping with the times and with the requirements of an ever-changing world, without ever compromising on the roots, the origin of a family.

The “Boldrinis”spread those principles the company is built on; a company that for 60 years has been producing timeless handbags and accessories: evergreens.

Every bag is one of a kind, like those who wear it!

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