A journey to discover taste

The history of the Tagliaferri family begins in the early 1900s, thanks to the profound passion and dedication that have always characterized these skilled pastry “artists”. Inheriting decades of experience from expert hands, the Tagliaferri brothers have been able to increase the prestige of their products, jealously guarding old recipes, reinterpreting the sweet temptations of southern Italy traditions and experimenting with new ones, in a continuous search for innovation and quality in taste of best Italian patisserie.

The new line of Cavoto products is the result of excellence in the choice of raw materials and the combination of new flavours, a perfect match of tradition and innovation. As a tribute to the city of Cava de’ Tirreni in particular, “Cavoto Regio Cioccolatino Aragonese” is born, containing all the facets of the history of a centuries-old territory in a small and colorful package.

The name Cavoto, in fact, is faithfully linked to the history of the city: the Cavoti were people born in one of the fifty-five hamlets of the city of Cava de’ Tirreni who, through their attachment to their homeland and with their daily actions, contributed into making it noble and estimable. A pearl coveted by many rulers who wanted to include it among their possessions.

Cavoto, a range of nine delicious chocolates with different creamy fillings and a unique and delicate flavour, wrapped in crunchy chocolate, are born from exclusive recipes, the result of enthusiasm and the desire to experiment with refined flavor combinations.

While the chocolates are certainly among the flagship products of the wonderful creative laboratory of the Tagliaferri brothers, to immerse yourself in exhilarating sensorial experiences, you can also taste: the extraordinary artisanal bitters made from carefully selected aromatic herbs; the coffee liqueur with a strong flavor with light notes of cocoa, Copeta nougats, hazelnut crunchies enclosed in a coating of very fine dark chocolate; the sweet spreadable pistachio cream, one of a kind – delights with enveloping flavors, sweet indulgences to accompany any special moment, real emotions to love and savor.

Simplicity and originality make Cavoto products a symbol of quality, prestige and taste for those who purchase them and for those who receive them as gifts in their refined gift boxes.

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