The delight of excellent Italian coffee is guaranteed by the quality of Dersut

Since 1949, there has been an inextricable link between the history of a family and a city: Vincenzo Caballini from Sassoferrato moved to Conegliano with his wife Elisabetta to follow their dream of running a roastery. It was due to his hard work and resilience that Dersut achieved its first success, to the extent that in 1960 Vincenzo Caballini was awarded the honorary title of Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic for outstanding industrial performance.

In 1971 Vincenzo’s son Giorgio joined the company, followed by his daughter and lawyer Lara; in December 2015 the second daughter, Giulia, also joined the company. The history of Dersut follows three family generations, destined to continue in the coming decades. During that period, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia were becoming landmarks for Italian coffee companies. In 1954, the Group Italiano Torrefattori Caffè was founded, which included Dersut as a founding partner. The group is still active today and expanded throughout Italy in 2015.

The past two decades represent years of innovation. In 2002, the first Coffee Shop was opened. In 2012, Caffè Light: an easily digestible decaffeinated coffee, was introduced for the first time. Looking to the future does not mean forgetting the past, 2010 marks the inauguration of the Coffee Museum in Conegliano, narrating the story of a company, an industry and a city.

Creating blends with a unique taste, capable of satisfying the expectations and palates of many, has always been the guiding principle of Dersut’s philosophy. All coffee varieties are imported directly, the harvests are carefully selected, and the production is constantly renewed by cutting-edge technology. Each production phase utilizes state-of-the-art machinery that operates with absolute adherence and respect to traditional artisanal roasting traditions. Producing quality blends that can be savored in Dersut cafeterias means dedicating a high level of attention to every step.

The first selection takes place at the origin: after harvesting the drupes, and eliminated the foreign bodies, the coffee beans are extracted and the pulp is separated from the parchment, the covering membrane. The entire production process takes place in Conegliano. During a roasting process, green coffee beans undergo chemical and physical transformations that enhance their organoleptic properties. Dersut has adopted a separate roasting system for every single-origin coffee, because each batch of coffee requires different roasting temperatures and times.

During roasting, the green coffee beans transform into lighter, brown, and fragrant beans; this phase involves the caramelization of sugars, the carbonization of cellulose, and the formation of volatile compounds, responsible for the roasted aroma. Once the desired roasting level is reached, the coffee is then air-cooled to preserve its aromas and organoleptic properties. Subsequently, it is vacuumed through an air system to remove heavier foreign bodies.

Each blend is stored in a separate silo and follows a protected path before being packaged to preserve its quality. This phase includes a step through a closed tube without light, in an environment with suitable climate, humidity, and temperature.

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