Discover the real essence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Vergine OLeOteca, conceived by Monia Caneschi, architect, and producer of EVOO, official EVOO taster, food design expert, and passionate about cooking with herbs, sprouts, and edible flowers, brings forth a unique culinary concept. The OLeOteca stands out with a dynamic collection of EVOO labels, rooted in the significant regional base of Spello, an art city known for oil and floral displays. It also features a comprehensive national selection, representing all Italian regions and providing a broad overview of international olive cultivation.

The EVO Experience takes center stage at E*tra Vergine OLeOteca, focusing on Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting and food and wine pairing. This immersive experience guides participants through sensory analysis, developing an appreciation for artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The EVO Experiences in edutainment offer a journey into the realm of taste and aroma, enhancing sensory evaluation skills and understanding quality in food.

Among the highlighted experiences are:

-E*VO Experience L’OROverde (the Green-Gold): 30 minutes of sensory analysis of 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oils paired with Bruschetta OROverde di Spello -EVO Experience OLI et AMO: 70 minutes of sensory analysis of 5 EVOOs + 2 Umbrian wines, paired with a starter, main course, and dessert -EVO Experience EVO AMBASSADOR: 90 minutes of sensory analysis of 5 EVOOs + 3 Umbrian wines, paired with a full-course meal -EVO Experience EVO AMBASSADOR – Master: 120 minutes of sensory analysis of 5 EVOOs + EVO Cocktail + 5 Umbrian wines, paired with a complete dining experience, including aperitivo, starter, main course, second course, and dessert with distillates, with a Certificate of Attendance from E*tra Vergine Academia.

Extra Vergine OLeOteca is not just an olive oil store but also a gastronomic workshop, an OLIOcentric kitchen, and a hub for EVOO Sommelier courses. The venue promotes the culture of oleogastronomy, offering unique culinary experiences, including OLIOcentric dishes crafted by EVO chef Monia Caneschi. With a focus on high-quality, seasonal, and local ingredients, the OLeOteca aims to spread the culture of oleogastronomy, emphasizing the role of EVOO as a nutraceutical food. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a rist’OliO, providing a distinctive experience where even pastries and gelato are exclusively made with EVOO. The culinary offerings, such as “oliAMO e mangiAMO,” showcase the EVOO- centric philosophy, blending creativity, tradition, ethics, and aesthetics on the plate.

The OLeOteca is a tribute to the land, its products, traditions, and the intrinsic connection with the green heart of Umbria!

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