Our restaurant features a wide choice of traditional Roman cuisine A unique experience to “do at least once in a lifetime”

In 1936, at the age of 15, Felice opened his first restaurant together with his father and called it Felice a Testaccio and, in 2022, he celebrated its 86th anniversary. The recipes used today come from the Roman tradition and are preserved in time thanks to the dedication of the Trivelloni family, whose members pass them down from generation to generation. Subsequently, after Felice passed way the baton passed on to his son, Franco, who refreshed the place by modernizing its spaces together with his family: a new look, the same quality dishes. Since 1936 Felice a Testaccio has been an institution of Roman cuisine.

The restaurant, set in the Testaccio district of Rome – which takes its name after the ancient mound formed by debris and shards that once rose in that location – is now recognized as part of the excellence of the Italian food scene. Felice a Testaccio has fresh, quality products, a strict fidelity to traditional recipes and perseverance and dedication that guarantee a brilliant and always rich culinary experience. The Roman tavern is made up of a welcoming family, a comfortable space in which to relax, and a professional staff to rely on. Appreciated specialty of the house but also a symbol of Roman gastronomy, Felice’s Cacio e Pepe is now known throughout the world for its balance of flavors and the praiseworthy art of whisking its cream directly at the table. “We cook about 80.000 Cacio e Pepe for our customers every year. Each day of the week we prepare a different menu based on carefully selected, local ingredients so as to be able to make them shine through our recipes and to guide our client in the discovery of all the traditional Roman dishes.”

From first to second courses, all dishes strictly follow the tradition of typical Roman cuisine. Among the most popular dishes there are: Cacio e Pepe, Spaghetti Carbonara, Mezzemaniche alla Gricia, Roman-style Artichokes, Fried Meatballs of stewed beef and chicken meat, Chicory Shoots in Anchovy Sauce, Eggplant Parmesan, Fracosta with mashed potatoes and a lot of homemade desserts like our special Tiramisu. The costumer can enhance the flavors of each dish by pairing it with a bottle of wine to be choosen from an extensive wine list created by selecting products from the best wineries of Italy.

Over the years the family members who worked at the restaurant put together a meticulous selection of the best wines from each Italian region, characterized by great personality, and able to tell the terroir and the efforts hidden behind their aromas and fragrances. It’s been seven years since Felice a Testaccio branched out in the “Meneghina” capital. The design of the Milan restaurant reinterpreted the architectural themes of the one opened in Rome, showcasing a contemporary aesthetic that re-told Felice’s mastery of the Roman flavors in a new way. Moreover, in 2024 Felice opened ad additional restaurant in Turin, further growing the genuine appreciation of the North of Italy of the Roman culinary tradition.

Over the years Felice a Testaccio has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most popular restaurants by customers as well as one of the most loved by social- media users. But in truth, the historic restaurant is simply proud to be able to share its passion and the history of traditional Roman Cuisine with all its customers.

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