A window on the beach!

…clear and blue waters, white and warm sand dunes…a tiny beach town right outside of Rome…That alone it’s worth a special mention and deserves to be THE place for your summer days. But we made it possible for HAVANA BEACH to be more than just a random spot. Everyone knows that the sea, is a way of life, an instrument of love…and HAVANA BEACH is our daily declaration of love since 2003. It’s a lifestyle and a landmark for our new or returning guests. HAVANA BEACH is ISO 13009 certified for a sustainable and righteous management of its premises; in compliance with the governmental requirements concerning quality and services provided on the beach.

AN OPEN AIR SUMMER GYM | Since its early days, HAVANA BEACH has always meant sports on the beach. More specifically, Beach Volley and Beach Tennis. As our loyal guests already know, we support and are home to all degrees and levels of activities concerning these two disciplines. Whether you just want to play with friends & family, train or sign up for tournaments. We also organise, host and sponsor some of the biggest Beach Volley events, where professional players share their time and expertise with the cheering crowd. Beach and sand always match with sunbathing and tanning. Many people just can’t stay still and prefer to practice. That is why, on our beach, we provide them with the perfect environment to do so.


Everyone knows that Rome is not a seaside city. BUT, being strategically located just a few km from the capital and just a few minutes from the international airport of Fiumicino, we love to identify ourselves as the “Roman seaside”. We’re at the end of the airport highway and this has allowed Focene Town, as well as HAVANA BEACH, to become the favourite escape location and the place to be when those hot summer days strike, making city touring unbearable. Sun tanning, bathing, relaxing, beach activities….Whatever your needs are, the one and only “Seaside of Rome” is here for you.


Beach, Volley courts, bar, restaurant, sundowner drinks and events – every year, we work hard to make your wishes come true and provide you with something new, exciting, tasty, beautiful and fun. A 360° experience to blow our guests mind. HAVANA BEACH is not only a beach club in Focene, but a location that comes alive at all times, for all needs. From March till October, we are here:”the beach is open”. We’ll see you there, at our usual spot!


When the sun starts to set, nothing’s better than a cold drink on the beach with your friends. We offer a well thought selection of drinks, food and music to create the perfect vibe, while you enjoy all of it gazing at the sea. The amazing sunset colours will do the rest to grant you a truly unique life experience.


We went on a quest, in search of a detailed and tasty cuisine that recalls sea flavours and vibes. Dishes and recipes linked to our tradition that create an immersive mouth-watering experience. Our restaurant will accommodate every palate, while giving you the opportunity to enjoy your meal straight on the sand of at the dedicated restaurant area: the combination between taste and scenario will leave you breathless. We always recommend to book your dining experience in advance.

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