Mystic Burger Como: gourmet hamburgers with a Brianza and international soul

When we opened, ten years ago, if you wanted a hamburger in the area, there were only big chains. But owners Massimo and Andrea love challenges as much as good food, and they didn’t hesitate for long. Thus, Mystic Burger was born. The establishment has two locations, one in Montorfano and one in Como in the historic center.

The menu is the result of extensive research and the selection of artisanal products and excellent companies. It consists of 7 fixed burgers and some special edition ones that change periodically. In addition to burgers, there are also small appetizers and carefully aged prime cuts of meat.

An important mention goes to the ribs cooked in three ways, one of which is vacuum-sealed at low temperature with Mezcal. At Mystic Burger, even the bread has a special place: there are seven types of buns, all artisanal, and each burger has its own.

“We started by looking for the best artisanal companies in Brianza, then the search expanded to the rest of Italy and abroad. We love experiments and contaminations, as long as everything is of the highest quality,” say Massimo and Andrea. Each dish on the menu tells a story, a journey, an experience. Like the Nogaye made with artisanal pretzel-like bread, barbecue-roasted veal, “Nogaye” salad with cherry tomatoes, onions, fruit mustard, and aromatic herbs, and lamb’s lettuce. Or the Ciociaro that recalls Roman recipes and has a cacio e pepe sauce and crispy bacon inside. Or the Vada via al Culatel: culatello marinated with green peppers, capricciosa, coppa, and smoked mozzarella, all enclosed in onion bread.

And it doesn’t matter if dozens of suppliers and many trials are needed to prepare a single sandwich. In Mystic’s sandwiches, every ingredient must be the right one, inserted in the right quantity, and positioned correctly within the layering. And that’s not all: to produce beef burgers, whole heads are used, i.e., Italian cows raised by the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium. Periodically, special edition sandwiches are also added to the menu, such as the one made with chef Davide Caranchini from the Michelin-starred restaurant Materia, or the one with deer burgers from chefs Matteo and Riccardo Vergine of Grow Restaurant (Michelin Star for Sustainability).

The next “starred sandwich”? It’s coming soon, and it will be a new and incredible taste experience.

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