Rediscovering Traditional Roman Flavors at Noi Restaurant

A Contemporary Osteria with Timeless Flavors

Noi Restaurant is a contemporary osteria where traditional flavors of the past merge seamlessly with modern culinary techniques. Located in the northeastern outskirts of Rome, this restaurant is managed by the Vallati family, direct descendants of the noble Roman lineage dating back to the 1300s, situated within the walls of Castel Sant’Angelo, from which the adjacent Lungotevere took its name.

A culinary journey through tradition: our menu

The menu boasts a wide array of traditional dishes from popular Roman cuisine, ranging from tripe to coratella with artichokes, and from Gnocchi with Coda alla vaccinara to Saltimbocca alla romana. Additionally, there are “revisited” options in a modern key, such as the Deconstructed Carbonara, a 2.0 version of one of the most classic Roman dishes.

Family-Run management and culinary expertise

The establishment is family-run, with Chef Bonolo leading the kitchen. After diverse culinary experiences in Italy and abroad, Chef Bonolo has dedicated himself entirely to traditional cuisine tied to the flavors of yesteryears. The owner, Giampiero, welcomes guests as if he were the host of a typical nineteenth-century osteria, sharing anecdotes about the customs of old-time Rome and narrating the genesis of each dish over time.

Capturing the essence of Roman osterie: design and ambiance

Noi Restaurant’s design and decor aim to represent and enhance the characteristics of Roman osterie of the past, especially those under papal Rome. If you’re eager to rediscover the dishes and places of ancient Rome, Noi Restaurant is the place you’ve been searching for.

A Culinary Journey Through Roman History

Embark on a gastronomic adventure at Noi Restaurant, where the rich tapestry of traditional Roman flavors comes to life in a contemporary setting. Let the Vallati family and Chef Bonolo guide you through the culinary heritage of Rome, blending the old with the new for an unforgettable dining experience.

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