Proudly Made in Italy

Our history.

Founded in 1972 by Giovanni Forzieri, Art-Moda set out producing leather goods for large-scale English stores. The owner’s two sons, Simone and Massimiliano, then joined the company in 1990. Collaborations with famous brands throughout the Florentine territory were soon established. A new line was also developed, which would become the Post&Co brand that swiftly grew and went on to conquer international markets… Massimiliano oversees the production whilst Simone develops the collections and handles the commercial aspects. All belts are produced with leather treated with special washing treatments and enriched by hand stitching, laser micro- engravings and studs of various kinds to render our products modern and in step with the latest trends. Our most iconic belts are those made of crocodile, each being coloured and finished by hand. Only the best leathers are used to produce our products, ensuring that the high quality can satisfy even the most exacting eye. Every item is also rigorously and proudly MADE IN ITALY.

Each collection is inspired from our environment.

We are fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Tuscan countryside where nature and architecture are so rich in history and life. The colours of summer fields and autumn harvests are our palette and every aged and weathered door becomes our background. The handles on the old doors in particular are inspirations for the finishing touches that bind it all together. Knowledge and experience of Tuscan Italian craftsmanship are within every pore of the leather we work. From full grain cowhide to our special crocodile and python skins we use highly skilled finishing techniques to ensure every piece is luxuriously unique.

This season the search continues for a unique and contemporary spirit through workmanship, cut-outs and even embroidery with an always vintage base to keep the soul of the brand alive. New for this season is the creation of shoes to match belts; studs, the symbol of our work, are present on both accessories to propose a Post&Co and trendy total look. Fine leathers and craftsmanship remain the basis of our work, which is perfected and strengthened with pride season after season.

In the future.

In the following years we hope to continue doing what we love: working leather and making beautiful belts. We are always open to work with fellow leather-enthusiast, we have the craftmanship and knowledge to search together for true beauty.

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