Ristò Transported Meals: a culinary journey wherever you are

With over 25 years of dedication to the culinary arts, Ristò Transported Meals emerges as the ideal solution for those who wish to savor fresh and delicious meals without leaving the convenience of their workplace. Our primary goal is to offer a quality culinary experience for groups, ensuring a welcoming environment with our 200 available seats.

The Menu: a voyage through the flavors of Italy

Our menu is the result of over two decades of experience and the ongoing commitment of our chefs to provide only top-quality ingredients. Carefully curated and dedicatedly prepared, the menu offers a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes, catering to the needs of a healthy, varied, and balanced diet in true Mediterranean style.

The passion and care our chefs put into crafting each dish is clear in every bite. If you can’t wait to plan your next lunch break, our menu is always available online, ready to be downloaded and offer you the opportunity to create the perfect combination for your tomorrow’s lunch.

Workplace catering: celebrate with taste and style

Organizing a corporate meeting or celebrating a special moment with your staff has never been easier. Our workplace catering service is designed to provide you with a gastronomic experience of grand style and taste. Whether you want to celebrate anniversaries, career milestones, or simply a birthday, let us take care of it. Contact us without hesitation; we are ready to help make every significant moment for your company memorable. Even for direct delivery to your workplace, you can count on us: just choose and order, and our meals will be ready to delight your palate.

Transported meals: taste and convenience wherever you are

Our transported meals offer an unmissable gastronomic experience. Prepared with care and passion, our chefs use only fresh and high-quality ingredients to create dishes that satisfy every culinary taste. Each meal is carefully packaged to ensure the freshness and quality of flavors. Choose your favorite combination of dishes and let our transported meals surprise you with taste and convenience. Ristò Transported Meals: the perfect solution to satisfy your culinary cravings wherever you are.

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