Ai Navigli: a culinary love story in the heart of Padua

Elena Bernardi’s love for her restaurant, Ai Navigli endures since 2009 without ever losing its flame. “When I’m in my restaurant, I leave behind all worries, and during service, I am happy, alongside Laura, my daughter, who stands by my side with devotion and sacrifice, adding significant value to my work,” she says.

Ai Navigli stands as the charming icon of Paduan gastronomy, continually aiming higher in its culinary pursuits. The restaurant invites patrons to discover a menu dedicated to seafood, characterized by quality and refinement.

The language spoken by the young and highly skilled staff is one of perfect synergy and passion. The cuisine at Ai Navigli is a blend of expertise and creative flair, with the seafood à la carte menu frequently renewed to encompass both historic dishes and exciting novelties.

The restaurant’s refined and elegant ambiance, located in the heart of Padua, provides an unparalleled and sophisticated atmosphere. The spaces within Ai Navigli are designed to allow guests to savor the fantastic seafood menus crafted by their chef in absolute relaxation. The seafood menu, centered around the delicate and carefully selected raw material, promises unique and ever-evolving dishes.

As seasons change and tastes evolve, Ai Navigli maintains its unwavering commitment to quality and the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. The restaurant, nestled in a historic building between the Basilica del Santo and the Specola, not far from Prato della Valle, captures the essence of creativity through its menu concept and presentation, fueled by the continuous pursuit of excellent raw ingredients.

At Ai Navigli, the culinary team goes above and beyond to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies, or special dietary preferences communicated in advance or at the time of ordering. The restaurant takes pride in its extensive selection of wines, complementing the exquisite flavors of the dishes served.

Ai Navigli is more than just a restaurant; it is a testament to the enduring love and passion that Elena Bernardi and her team pour into every aspect of their culinary craft. It is a destination where patrons can embark on a gastronomic journey, savoring the finest seafood dishes in an ambiance that reflects the rich history and dedication that defines this culinary haven in the heart of Padua.

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