Ristorante Pizzeria da Giovanni: Between history and tradition

Located in the historic heart of Prato, just a few meters from the old walls, facing Porta Pistoiese, the restaurant Da Giovanni-Cavallino Rosso has, for over 50 years, managed to conquer the city’s palate thanks to a cuisine made of fresh, high-quality ingredients that represent the score of the great Tuscan and Prato gastronomic tradition. Without frills or superstructures, it is direct and sincere, just like its owners.

It was the distant year of 1969 when the Sulli family and the Seghetti family embarked on this wonderful culinary adventure, marked by strict sacrifices and great satisfactions. Since then, under the same guidance, the restaurant has continued its mission: to spread the wisdom of the cuisine of a bygone era, combined with love for this complicated yet fascinating city of the people.

And it is in their dishes that such love and tradition come to life: fish soups, cod, but above all, meat! Grilled meat, yes, the real one, with wood, with its aromas, and essential oils. Porcini mushrooms, always and exclusively fresh. Ovoli mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes – all of the highest quality, all from the region, confirming the synergy between the restaurant and local businesses, the small producers.

And how could we forget the pizza, fragrant, leavened for a long time, without haste, as it used to be; enriched with local and first-choice products. There are pizzas of all tastes: classics, on request, and some typical only of the restaurant, the putative father of pizza in Prato. An example? Try asking where the dynamite pizza was born in the city of looms…

And yet, cold cuts appetizers, wonderful crostini baked in the wood oven, and celery, the famous Prato celery, an emblematic dish of Prato, which finds its quintessence of taste here.

The dessert cart, with that charm mixed between vintage and reinterpretation, is a joy for the eyes and the taste: tarts, grandma’s cakes, bonghi, yogurt mousse, Bavarian creams, and more, as long as the imagination of Pastry Chef Andrea and the chef allow.

In short, whether it’s for a business lunch, a ceremony, or an intimate gathering, given the variety of available rooms, Da Giovanni represents the ideal restaurant to enjoy excellent dishes, made of Tuscan tradition and passion for the table, to eat well, and feel like home.

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