Our restaurant features a wide choice of traditional Roman cuisine A unique experience to “do at least once in a lifetime”

The ‘trattoria da Beppe’ was opened for the first time in 1977 by Beppe and his wife Cesira in the charming village of Morgex in the Mont Blanc Valley of the Italian Alps. Since then it became a must stop restaurant if visiting the region of Aosta.

The story started with preparing simple dishes and some of the most traditional plates. Aosta Valley is the most north-western region of Italy famous for the highest mountains in Europe such as Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc.

The cuisine of the region is very simple and prepared with poor ingredients that could be found during the long and cold snowy winters such as cabbage and onions and polenta. Fontina is the most important cheese and it can be found in most of the soups and first courses.

The key of our cuisine is simplicity and authenticity. After years the place has been renovated and the change of management brought another local family to run the restaurant but keeping the same name due to its popularity between the local residents and in honour of Beppe.

The atmosphere of the trattoria Da Beppe is very cozy and friendly making it a perfect place for groups, families and couples visiting the region. You will smell the perfumes of the alps as you enter and can have a typical dinner in our cellar that can host 30 guests. Seven artworks of the famous sculptor ‘’Mario Pelizzoni’’ are exposed inside making your dinner even more special.

Our menu is very particular, serving mostly regional soups with bread, Fontina cheese and cabbage or onions, meats with cheese sauces, fondue, local cheese and salami and the famous ‘’Valdostana steak’’ since 1977. During your meal enjoy a glass of Blanc de Morgex et la Salle, the wine produced by prié blanc which is the highest vineyard grown in europe. The meal cannot end without a taste of one of the 65 regional spirits ad liquors available in the restaurant prepared with herbs and flowers growing at the highest altitude of Europe.

The location is at a strategic point making it easy to reach from the Famous ski village of Courmayeur and La Thuile where you could enjoy your winter and your summer by playing golf, trekking or visiting the marvellous Lake Arpy. If you are in this beautiful region you cannot miss visiting Trattoria Da Beppe!

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