Agriturismo Villa Conca Marco: Hospitality offered with Simplicity

The Villa Conca Marco Agriturismo extends over approximately 50 hectares of organic olive groves and is located near Torre dell’Orso, in the north of Otranto, in Puglia, a region in Salento renowned for the WWF “Le Cesine” National Park, as well as the fortified citadel of “Acaya” with its castle, a UNESCO heritage site. Its location, just 15 km from Lecce, gives also the chance to visit the wonders of Salento.

An EcoFriendly Story

Founded in 1994 by spouses Giuseppe and Angela Palumbo, Agriturismo Villa Conca Marco focuses on rural life, particularly olive cultivation and hospitality. Alongside their children, they were pioneers in agritourism, creating a seamless blend of tradition, family, and nature. The property is managed ecologically (for example thanks to solar panels covering a significant part of the energy needs) and organically—a healthy, ethical choice inspired by the love for nature, embraced by those who choose to live, even temporarily, in close connection with it.

Our Services

Agriturismo Villa Conca Marco features a spacious and enchanting pool with refined design and shallow depth, ideal for families with young children, providing maximum relaxation and tranquility—an especially appreciated destination for guests seeking rest after a day of excursions or at the seaside. Adjacent to the pool, there is also a superrelaxing whirlpool!

At the end of the day, guests can savor traditional recipes inspired by nonna Angela at our restaurant. The familyrun establishment offers a fixed weekly menu for resident guests, but we are also available by reservation for external guests and small events with customizable menus. The recipes are mainly those of the Salento tradition, featuring dishes such as “cicorie reste cu le fae nette” (wild chicory with fava bean puree), “ciceri e tria” (chickpeas with homemade pasta), “purpu in pignata” (octopus in terracotta), “pitta de patate” (potato focaccia), and many other specialties, including musttry liqueurs after the meal. Furthermore, we provide options suitable for celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans. Although the restaurant is only open for dinner, for lunch you can take advantage of the bar and restaurant service by the pool, with a wide selection of cold dishes.

As for the rooms, the property offers spacious and comfortable accommodations, ranging from doubles—a perfect retreat for couples—to quintuples for large families and groups of friends. Each room is equipped with all comforts, has its unique style of decor, and overlooks the veranda or the firstfloor pool area. Villa Conca Marco is this and much more: the ideal place for anyone seeking a true immersion in nature and a relaxing vacation in the name of simplicity.

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