KEEP OUT BRACELETS Keep Out is a precious object that holds memory, love and magic…

Our story
An ancient legend tells that there was a time when grandmothers used to give to daughters, grandchildren and daughters-in-law, a silver thimble in order to protect them from all sorts of dangers. A little bit of magic, a little bit of legend. You just have to believe it!
The company
Keep Out is an Italian brand born from the passion and extraordinary creativity of a young entrepreneur from Casale Monferrato, Stefania Gagliardone, for several year a professional dealer in the precious stones sector and founder of the Hang Loose Company, based in Casale Monferrato since 2014.
The intuition of making the sewing thimble the protagonist of an elegant line of silver “lucky” jewels, comes from the story of an ancient tradition from Latin America: according to it, the small thimble, now an obsolete object, once used to be gifted by grandmothers as a symbol of love and protection. Stefania Gagliardone, fascinated by this story, flanked by a team of professionals in the sector, created the Keep Out brand in September 2014, an all-Italian brand, registered, patented and protected all over the world: bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are exclusively handmade in Valenza, a world leading city in the sector of jewelry and goldsmiths. MISSION
Keep Out’s success is linked to the meaning contained in this little jewelry: Keep Out is a gesture of love, a story, it’s magic.
Whoever wears a Keep Out has to perceive a pleasant and reassuring feeling of protection by everything that can “sting” us every day, just like that sweet sensation that our beloved grandmothers gave us.
The company’s mission, therefore, is to communicate the charm of a tradition to be handed down through the beauty of a product with attention to the smallest details, from the choice of raw material, to the final design that perfectly reflects the quality and elegance of “Made in Italy” production.
Stefania Gagliardone has managed to convey value by revisiting this small sewing object and the balanced relationship between quality and price. This allowed the company to become, within a few years, an established brand in Europe and the United States.
-Keep Out supports the Vitas Onlus association in Casale Monferrato, that operates in the home care for advanced stage cancer patients, donating 1 euro for each jewel sold online.
-Years ago, Keep Out started creating a collection called “Keep Out for Jaipur” in which the thimble is assembled on precious Indian silks. Keep Out has already managed to open a school in India for orphans, thanks to the 2 euros that are donated to this project for each bracelet sold.
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