R. STAHL Comfortable and secure with RFID authentication

Access security – time considerations
Staff of many large-scale systems and operations have to change operator stations frequently. Dynamic access management enabling authorized staff to access processes and systems from different terminals is therefore one of the central security aspects. However, security guidelines require a log-off and log-on with user name and password for every change of system. Adverse conditions such as protective gloves, clothing, facemasks inhibit biometric procedures.
A solution is having Users be identified through their RFID ID card.
Contactless RFID authentication
R. STAHL is the only manufacturer on the market that can equip its explosion-protected Thin Clients with contactless RFID authentication. Specific RFID readers were developed for use in Zone 1/21 and 2/22. The usual logons and log-offs in the automation system are no longer necessary due to the RFID access control, which meets current security requirements according to FDA and GAMP. Following the user authentication via card, the system will immediately call up the individual, customized start menu with the applications available for the specific user. Fast, secure log-in
Compatible with many commonly used card readers and distributed control or SCADA systems, the LogOnPlus software provides integrated RFID authentication via staff ID cards. Another benefit in terms of safety and compliance is the option of automatically logging off a user when the pass is removed from the reader, making “open systems” a thing of the past. To meet the high standards set for IT security, compliance and QM, there is the option of an audit trail that documents all log-on and log-off processes centrally.
Future-proof firmware at IoT level
This easy RFID integration is one of the features of the modern industrial-grade Remote HMI firmware based on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. All major remote protocols, such as VNC and RDP, are supported.
Company background:
For more than 90 years, R. STAHL has been a trendsetting manufacturer of safety technology for hazardous areas. Based in Waldenburg, Germany, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of explosion-protected automation, control and distribution, installation, operating and monitoring, lighting, signalling and alarm components and systems. Key products include customer-specific systems solutions for hazardous areas. R. STAHL’s individual packages containing
tailored product combinations and a wide range of services such as consulting, project planning, engineering and training courses for customers are designed to fully meet application requirements and customer needs. International certifications, approvals and patents demonstrate the company’s expertise and allow for R. STAHL’s products to be used throughout the world.
e-mail: info.ITRS@r-stahl.com
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